Salary and Benefits

Pay and Benefits Overview

The following table itemizes the current package of pay and benefits for ETDs working in the City of Cambridge Emergency Communications Department after 7/1/14. For details please consult the City of Cambridge Employee Manual, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Cambridge and the Teamsters Union, and the Emergency Communications Department Administrative Assistant, at 617-349-6911.

In general, Cambridge ETDs are among the best-paid dispatchers in the state with the excellent benefits. They also enjoy a rotating-shift work schedule that can, for many, allow ample time for family and leisure activities.




Base Salary


Hrly Rate

40-hour week

$45,183.63/year to start

$63,358.04/year at year 7















Typing Incentive Pay

$300/yr for 30-39 WPM; $500/yr for 40-49 WPM;

$624/yr for 40-49 WPM**

$1144/yr for 50-59 WPM**

$1352/yr for 60+ WPM**

All dispatchers must qualify at 30 WPM. Pro-rated and applied to hourly base.

**Typing test administered at City Hall

EMD and Teleserve Incentive Pay


All dispatchers must be EMD certified with Medical Priority and maintain their certification. Lump sum payment paid in July for previous year (prorated for first year for new employees)

Joint Dispatch Incentive Pay


For dispatchers mastering all five ECC position certifications. Paid weekly and applied to hourly base.

Overtime Pay

Base hourly rate + incentives (typing) X 1.5 + Joint Certifications

4-hr minimum except if continuous; mandatory (holdover) OT in the event of emergencies and staff shortages

Holiday Pay

Double time + ½

Premium pay for 13 city holidays

Vacation Allowance

3 weeks after 1 year;

4 weeks after 5 years;

5 weeks after 15 years

Personal Days

2 Personal Days/year

Must pre-schedule; allowance earned after 1st 6 months and an additional personal day after 5 years

Sick Time Allowance

15 days per year

“A-Day” Benefits

Earn 1 day off for no sick time usage in 6 months. Earn $250 if using no sick days from Jan-June and/or from July-Dec

Clothing Allowance

$600/yr after hire;

$700/yr after 3 years; $800/yr after 4 years, $900/yr thereafter

Paid quarterly-first set of uniforms provided by department.


City reimburses 65% of the cost of a monthly T-pass

Deferred Compensation Plan

Eligible to participate in one of three plans.

Can contribute up to the yearly contribution rate set by the IRS

Health Insurance

Blue Choice and Other HMO Plans; City pays 75%; employee pays 25%

Dental Insurance

Covers limited services

Provided by the Union

Vision Plan

Pays for various services

Provided by the Union

Credit Union

Available through City and Teamsters

Retirement System

Mass. Retirement System; pay 9% of weekly pay plus 2% more for base wages over $30,000.00

Currently “Group 2” classification (can retire at 60 years of age). Amount of pension depends on years of service and age at retirement: max of 32 years of service at 60 years old = 80% of base pay

Union Membership

Must pay either Union dues (currently $48.00 per month) or Agency Fee. New Employees must pay Initiation fee of $500.00 ($25.00 per week for 20 weeks)

Represented by Teamsters Local 25

Probationary Period

1 year

Contact Information

125 Sixth Street
Cambridge MA 02142


Hours of Service

Emergencies: 24/7 - 911
Administrative Office: M-F 8:30-5
Business Phone: 617-349-6911

Cambridge Alert Network

Cambridge Alert Network