Selection and Hiring Process

                                            Description of Selection and Hiring Process

Interested persons will apply for the position on or before June 14, 2012. ECD and City staff will review the applications and invite those that are qualified to come in for a typing test. Those that pass will then proceed to another set of tests, those that pass the next set of tests will then participate in a detailed job history and intake process (one evening), and the finalists will undergo an oral panel and a thorough background investigation. Persons selected for employ by the City will typically begin their employ at training in the September (2012) 5-week Dispatch Academy (tentatively to be held at the State 911 Department’s facility in Taunton, MA).


Contact Information

125 Sixth Street
Cambridge MA 02142


Hours of Service

Emergencies: 24/7
Administrative Office: M-F 8:30-5

Cambridge Alert Network

Cambridge Alert Network