Daily Operations

Over time, all dispatchers are cross-trained and certified in five basic functional areas: call-taking (both emergency and informational), police dispatching, CJIS computer operations, fire dispatching, and emergency medical dispatching.

The console positions are designated as follows: Call Taker 1, Call Taker 2, Call Taker 3, Call Taker 4, Police Dispatcher 1, Police Dispatcher 2, Fire Dispatcher 1, Fire Dispatcher 2, Supervisor, and Tactical. Key positions are always staffed, while others are staffed only when needed. Most tasks can be performed from nearly any position, although specialized equipment is located in certain positions (notably Fire Alarm and CJIS equipment).

During a standard day dispatchers are expected to:

  • Answer and service police and fire business and emergency phones (911 and others)
  • Enter caller information into the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system for dispatch
  • Provide pre-arrival emergency medical instructions to callers with medical emergencies.
  • Provide assistance to callers on both the business and emergency phones.
  • Maintain radio communication with other agencies in the city (police, fire, animal control, public works etc.)
  • Monitor Fire Box alarm system and dispatch when one is tripped.
  • Use the CJIS and LEAPS systems to check cars, people, and serial numbers for problems.
  • Provide a link between the community and the public safety personnel on the streets.
  • much more...

Contact Information

125 Sixth Street
Cambridge MA 02142


Hours of Service

Emergencies: 24/7
Administrative Office: M-F 8:30-5

Cambridge Alert Network

Cambridge Alert Network