Equipment Systems and Vendors

The ECC uses a wide variety of specialized equipment provided by many different vendors. The principle equipment and related vendors are listed below:

 Console Furniture Customized Watson console furniture holds all of the operational equipment needed for dispatch operations. Watson is located on Bainbridge Island, Washington and can be reached at (800) 426-1202.
 CAD Ten dual-screen PC's access Queues Enforth Development's (Q.E.D.'s) Joint CAD software running on an IBM RS/6000 host at the ECC. The CAD has interfaces to E911, Mobile Computing, Digitize, Zetron, Paging, Fire Station Printing, and other systems. CAD access is available at selected PC's in Police HQ and various Fire locations. Many special changes and additions have been made to the CAD system both by Q.E.D. and the ECC.  

Both Q.E.D. and the City provide support to the CAD System

The City owns and maintains a Motorola digital P25 800 Trunked radio system that has connectivity with the Commonwealth of MA radio system to provide interoperability with our City.

The City also owns and operates other analog conventional channels for both Police and Fire.

Motorola Solutions is based in Schaumburg, IL.

 CJIS The ECC is connected to CJIS over PSnet microwave with backup access through a Frame Relay network. Various terminals at the ECC and various web applications provide access to CJIS functions.

The CJIS system is operated by the state Criminal History Systems Board from offices in Chelsea, MA. Their main number is (617) 660-4600.
 Mobile Computing, Map Display & Fire-Rescue AVL An Aether Mobile Systems (formerly Cerulean/PacketCluster) NT PC in the ECC serves both as a CJIS terminal for the CJIS operator position as well as message switch linking laptops in police cars to CJIS and CAD. Three Fire Rescue units will also have laptops for digital dispatch from CAD.

Cerulean Technology in Marlborough, Massachusetts can be reached at (508) 460-6200.

Tactical Map Displays show real-time E911, CAD, and CAD unit information to dispatchers. An experiment routes Trimble GPS-derived position reports through laptops in Fire Rescue vehicles to this same map display.
 E911 Telephone Plant Equipment Vesta Meridian E911 phone equipment was installed by Verizon (the State 911 Department's 911 Service Provider) in December of 1996 as part of the statewide implementation of E911. Various 911 trunks plus various 7-digit lines are present on 911 call answering equipment. TDD keyboards are attached to each E911 answering position allowing full access for the hearing-impaired.

A NICE 64-channel logger records key telephone and radio activity. Software allows browsing and playback of past audio information.

Verizon’s CCC supports all E911 equipment statewide 24 hours a day.
 Fire Station Alerting The City owns and maintains a Zetron Fire Station alerting system that allows the management of Fire Department assets.

Zetron is based in Redmond, WA
Fire Alarm Signaling Two Digitize 3500's monitor nearly 700 box alarms in the city while a Model 2000 monitors Mutual Aid circuits from all contiguous cities.

Digitize is located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Business Telephone Nine PC-based Conveyant terminals answer non-emergency and emergency lines. Other phone equipment serves other purposes.

TMA provided the Conveyant system. They are based in Manchester, NH. and can be reached at (800) 547-7080.

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