Calling 911 FAQ

What if the caller does not speak English well?

The Cambridge Emergency Communications Center has a connection with a Language Translation Service. This allows the call-taker to create a conference call and have a translator available within 1 minute that speaks one of hundreds of languages. This is a great asset to the 911 center.

What is E-911?

The Enhanced 911 system automatically displays the address of the emergency caller and the telephone number at that location on a screen at the 911 Communications Center. This information allows the dispatcher to be able to send help in an emergency where a caller is not able to speak or has disconnected the call.

Can I call 911 to see if school is closed during inclement weather?

9-1-1 should be used for emergency purposes only. To see if school is closed during inclement weather please call (617) 349-6513 or listen to WBZ AM 1030 or the major TV stations.  Also check the city's website.

What happens if I call 911 and hang-up before speaking to anyone?

At the center all the information is displayed even though the caller has hung up. The 911 center will attempt a call-back to see if there is an emergency. The dispatcher may send a police unit to verify the situation. See the silent 911 call page for more information.

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