Fire Safety Tips

Make sure that you have an escape plan for every room of the house and that everyone knows it. Know where you are going to meet outside, and if you have caged animals make sure that an adult is responsible for getting them out and that the children know not to run back for "Fluffy." An adult is more likely to accurately determine risks and get out alive.

Learn your house in the dark. Could you get to the door and open it in the pitch black? A room filled with smoke is that dark.

Keep an appropriate fire extinguisher nearby locations where fire danger exists (ie: kitchen, laundry room, boiler room etc. (See "Before attempting to extinguish a fire").

Teach children how to react. Practice the "stop, drop and roll" response for when clothing catches fire. Also remind them to alert the rest of the family by shouting and to leave the house, not hide under the bed or in a closet. Sound your fire alarm where they can hear it. It is a scary noise and children may freeze or panic the first few times they hear it. If you practice evacuating the house, using the alarm, everyone will react much more calmly during a crisis.

Stay low to avoid excessive smoke. Feel doors with the back of your hand, before opening them. Do not open a hot door! Using the back of your hand will make it easier to crawl on your hands and knees afterwards and it is your natural tendency to curl your hand inwards. That tendency will remove your hand from the door before your conscious reaction will.

Test your smoke detectors and replace batteries before they die!

For more Fire Safety Information visit the Cambridge Fire Department's web site.


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