Conduct of Elections FAQ Page

updated 6/14/2012

What hours are the polls open?

For all federal, state, and municipal elections: 7am - 8pm.

Can I vote in Cambridge if I moved out of the city, but did not register anywhere else?

In order to vote in a municipal election, you must be living in Cambridge on election day.  You can vote in state and federal elections within six months after moving out of Cambridge, provided you have not registered at a new address. Homeless persons may use their prior address in Cambridge, if that was their last place of residency and if they were registered to vote.

What is the voting list?

A voting list contains the name, address and party of all registered voters in the City. It is publicly posted outside each polling place 30 days before an election. It is also located at the polls on election day.

What if my name is not on the voting list?

If your name is not on the publicly posted voting list, contact the Election Office.
If you report to the polls to vote and your name does not appear on the voting list, an election official will contact the Election Office for assistance.


Where can I get information on ballot questions?

The Office of the Secretary of State office mails one copy of ballot question summaries to each voting household in the Commonwealth. It contains material on questions that the public will be voting on along with pro and con arguments for each question. Political organizations, especially those formed to promote or oppose a particular question, are also good sources. Consult newspapers, radio, television, and other media outlets for coverage of campaigns around ballot questions. The City of Cambridge also sends out information about questions appearing on municipal election ballots.

Where can I get information on candidates?

The state committees of each political party are good sources for candidate information.

Massachusetts Democratic Party
77 Summer St, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Fax: 617-426-5126

Massachusetts Republican Party
85 Merrimac St, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 523-5005

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
P.O. Box 87
N. Hatfield, MA 01066

Most candidates have headquarters or listed phone numbers where you can contact them or their campaigns directly for information.

For the names of candidates running for elective office, you can contact the Election office.

How can I get a ride to the polls?

Many candidates provide rides to their supporters on election day. Contact the candidate of your choice to make arrangements

In which congressional district do I live?

Parts of Cambridge are in the 5th Congressional District and parts are in the 7th Congressional district.  Click here to view a map

What is my ward and precinct?

The ward and precinct determines where residents vote and in which elective district citizens reside. When you register to vote, the acknowledgement notice you receive includes your ward, precinct, and polling location. The staff can also provide information about elective districts, your current elected officials, and names of candidates in election seasons.  You can also find this information by going to

What is my polling location?

Your polling location is where you vote. You may find this by going to or by downloading the map of polling locations.

 Your ward and precinct will determine your polling location. You may also call the Election Commission at (617) 349-4361.

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