About Us

The Electrical Divison

The Electrical Division consists of six licensed electricians, responsible for maintaining and installation of electrical equipment and devices for municipal owned property. The electricians respond to 1500 calls per year for maintenance of electrical equipment.

The Signal Maintenance Division

The Signal Maintenance Division has three Signal Maintainers and one supervisor responsible for maintaining the municipal fire alarm system, for public and private use throughout the city.

The fire alarm system is tested regularly to insure reliability of the 20 circuits and 545 master boxes associated with the system.

The signal maintainers also install and maintain public police alarms in various outdoor recreation facilities throughout the City. These alarms are activated by any person needing a Police response during an emergency. The Police respond to the pre-determined location, from where the activation occurred.

There are twelve Fire Alarm Operator positions and one Chief Operator that supervises the operation.

The Fire Alarm Operator's primary responsibility is to receive and re-transmit emergency calls for fire and medical emergencies.

Each year all operators receive training in CPR, medical triage, and pre-arrival medical instruction, to assist the victim while emergency units are responding.

The Radio Division

In the Radio Division one electrician is assigned to install mobile radio equipment, fixed base station and control equipment, and install emergency warning light systems for vehicles sirens, and mobile radar installations.

The street lighting conversion, from mercury vapor to sodium lighting, is continuing with the conversion presently being done in Neighborhoods 10 and 13, to finalize the conversion by 1994.