How do I get additional lighting on my street?

You must contact the Electrical Department. Based upon the request, the area is surveyed and they will determine if additional street lighting is required.

Who repairs the street lights?

The majority of street lights are repaired by the Electric Company (CommElectric). However, you should contact the Electric Department for any street light that is not functioning or any light located in a park.

How do I get a utility pole relocated?

You must contact the Electric Department. They will review the reasons why and if the relocation is possible. There may be some costs to the person making the request, depending upon the reason for the relocation.

Who do I call for a problem with a utility pole?

Contact the Electric Department or the local utility, CommElectric.

What fees are charged to connect a fire alarm system to fire alarm?

There is a $300.00 commercial annual fee associated with connecting a fire alarm system to a fire alarm. You must supply the fire alarm cable to the City for connection. The service is subject to other fees as required in the ordinance.

What is required for a fire alarm system to be connected to fire alarm?

The following requirements must be met in order for a fire alarm system to be connected to a fire alarm:

a) local energy type

b) approval of the system by the Fire and Electric Department

c) the system must conform to all national and local codes

Can an automatic dialer be installed to notify fire alarm, in case of fire?

The Electric Department recommends this should not be done. There are times that the call may not be answered depending upon the number of calls received.

Who is in charge of payphones on a public way?

The Electric Department of the City of Cambridge is in charge of payphones.

How can I get a payphone installed or removed?

To have a payphone installed or removed you must submit a request to the Pole and Conduit Commission. The proper paperwork must be provided; pending the outcome of a public hearing, request may be denied or granted.

Who do I report a problem with a payphone to?

You should report the problem to either the Electrical Department or Nynex Telephone Repair at 1-555-1611.

Who do I call to report a defective fire or police box?

Contact the Electrical Department to report one of the above-stated problems.