Preparing for Common Disasters

Disasters take many forms. They can be natural or man-made in origin. Some types of disasters such as severe winter storms or hurricanes may be somewhat familiar to Cambridge residents. Whenever disaster strikes, the best protection comes from being prepared and knowing what to do.

In many cases advance warning of a disaster is not realistic. However, in the New England area we usually have advance warning of weather related emergencies. Residents are urged to frequently check on weather forecasts available on radio, television or the internet. The Weather Channel  (Ch. 47 on Comcast) provides regional and national forecasts.

Below are links to more information on how to handle certain emergencies.

Disaster Readiness: Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed

How Ready Are You?

Immediately After a Disaster

MEMA Winter Storm Tips

FEMA Winter Storm Fire Safety 

FEMA Hurricane Information

MEMA Offers Hurricane Preparedness Tips

FEMA Earthquake Information

MEMA Extreme Heat Tips

Heat Related Emergencies  

Power Failures


Kids!! Check this out!

If you are a parent who wants to help your children prepare for emergencies or if you are a kid who wants to learn more about disasters to help your family prepare you might want to look at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Kids Page or at the Department of Homeland Security "Ready Kids" page.

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