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 photo of Cambridge taxt driver of the year 2014

2014 Cambridge Taxi Driver of the Year
The City of Cambridge presented the 2014 Taxi Driver of the Year Award to Dennis Howe. Mr. Howe has driven a taxi in Cambridge since the 1970’s without any complaints whatsoever. He was nominated by two of his peers for his excellent service, kindness to his passengers and extensive knowledge of the city. In addition to receiving a plaque from the City’s License Commission, Howe also received a few gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses. Photo (l to r): Cambridge Police Deputy Superintendent Jack Albert, Richard Carbone, President of the Board of Directors of Cambridge Taxi School, Cambridge License Commission Chair Andrea Jackson, Dennis Howe, Cambridge’s 2014 Taxi Driver of the Year, Elizabeth Y. Lint, Executive Director of Cambridge License Commission, and Hackney Officer Benny Szeto and Lt. Rick Riley. Photo By Bob Coe.

Hackney Inspection Packet (PDF)

Cambridge Taxi Companies 

  • Ambassador Brattle Cab and Yellow Cab: (617) 492-1100 or (617) 547-3000 
  • Cambridge Cab: (617) 908-0333
  • Checker Cab: (617) 497-9000 
  • Classic Cab: (617) 492-0555
  • Star Taxi: (617) 876-8888 
  • UTS: (617) 661-2500

There are also a number of individually owned taxi cabs that are licensed by the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge Taxicab Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Effective as of October 1, 2012

Amended November 20, 2012

Cambridge Taxicab Rates (PDF)

Effective as of April 4, 2011

 Cambridge Hackney Rates

Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program

 Rear Entry Cab

The City of Cambridge’s Accessible Cambridge Taxicab Program (“ACT Program”) recently re-launched its dispatch service with a local taxicab company serving as the new manager of the dispatch system.  Checker Cab Company, a longtime staple in the Cambridge taxicab industry, will now coordinate the calls for service for the City’s wheelchair accessible taxicabs.    

The Cambridge taxicab fleet maintains eight accessible taxicabs owned and operated by various taxicab companies including Ambassador Brattle Cab, Checker Cab, Classic Cab and individual owners. These taxicabs—some vans, some minivans—serve the general public twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; however, priority service is given to elderly and disabled passengers. Cambridge accessible taxicabs operate as any other Cambridge taxi: they may be flagged down on the street, boarded at a taxi stand, or contacted by telephone.  For an accessible Cambridge taxicab, call:

Accessible Cambridge Taxi Program at 1-888-872-6721


Hackney Complaints

For Information, assistance, or to file a complaint – by fax, mail or email — contact:

License Commission, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

Telephone: 617.349.6140

TTY: 617.349.6112

Fax: 617.349.6148

Email: hackney@cambridgema.gov

Hackney/Taxicab Complaint Form (PDF)  

Completed complaint forms should be returned to the License Commission for investigation by the Hackney Officer.  Please direct any inquiries concerning the status of your complaint to the Hackney Carriage Division.

Medallion Owner's Information 

  • Accessible Taxicab Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  • Agenda for 2014 Annual Meeting of All Medallion Owners, Managers and Lessors on July 16, 2014 (PDF)
  • Agenda for 2013 Annual Meeting of All Medallion Owners, Managers and Lessors on June 26, 2013 (PDF)
  • Cambridge Taxicab Industry Customer Satisfaction Results (PDF)
  • Cambridge Taxicab Industry Customer Satisfaction Results and Regulatory Presentation [Prepared for Owner's Meeting] (PowerPoint)
  • Directive Regarding Processing and Administrative Fees for Elderly/Disability Discount Coupons (PDF) 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Taxicabs and Service Animals in Cambridge (PDF)
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Credit Cards and Taxicabs in Cambridge (PDF)
  • Request for Information Concerning a Review of Medallion Lease Cap Rates (PDF)
  • October 2011 Rules and Regulation Reminders (PDF)
  • Policy Directive Regarding the Use of Window Tint in Cambridge Taxicabs (PDF)


    Dispatch Association Permit Information

  • Permit Application Form (For both Initial Application and Renewal Application (PDF)
  • Guidance Memorandum for Cambridge Dispatch Associations regarding Dispatch Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  • Department Information

    Hours of Service

    Monday: 8:30am-8pm
    Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30am-5pm
    Friday: 8:30am-12pm

    Andrea S. Jackson, Esq.