Pedicab Pilot Program


Pedicab Pilot Program Purpose

The License Commission is pleased to announce a new initiative, the City of Cambridge Pedicab Pilot Program. The purpose of the pilot program is to test and create a high-performing pedicab system that fits best with the diverse transportation network in Cambridge while ensuring the utmost safety of the general public.

The call for applications has currently ended. 

The License Commission wishes to thank all applicants who applied to participate in the pilot program!

PEDICAB PILOT PROGRAM Scope and Selected participants

The License Commission is pleased to announce two Pedicab Business Operating Permits have been issued in conjunction with the City’s Pedicab Pilot Program.  The two successful applicants—USA Pedicab of Boston, MA and Pedicab International, LLC of Plymouth, MA—have each been granted permission by the Board of License Commissioners to operate ten pedicab vehicles from March 1, 2013 through October 31, 2013.  The normal hours of pedicab vehicle operation will occur from 10 am to 3am.

USA Pedicab of Boston, MA will launch Charles River Pedicab.

Charles River Pedicab is the newest branch, and 9th location, of USA Pedicab, which began in Boston in 2005. Since its debut in March 2005, USA Pedicab established itself as the Hub’s #1 pedal-powered transportation service. As they grew in Boston, the USA Pedicab model has since expanded to Newport RI, Washington DC, Portland ME, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin and Chicago. USA Pedicab’s goal is to provide customers with safe, friendly, comfortable service, resulting in a memorable and entertaining experience that pairs practical, eco-friendly transportation with the luxuries of a gentle stroll. Pedicab rides are popular among tourists and locals, children and adults, and they are rapidly becoming an integral part of the Beantown landscape. USA Pedicab is thrilled to bring pedicabs to the City of Cambridge and is excited to work together with the local businesses, non-profits & universities.

Pedicab International, LLC of Plymouth, MA will launch Cambridge Pedicab.

Cambridge Pedicab will be the newest branch of Pedicab International, LLC, which currently operates Plymouth Pedicab.  Cambridge Pedicab looks forward to training new ambassadors for the City of Cambridge (our pedicab drivers, of course) to answer questions, provide directions, and create a fun atmosphere for tourists and locals alike!  Flag us down, call us at 617-370-3707, request a pedicab through our website, or download our new Pedicab Finder app in the Android Market or iTunes Store. In addition, Cambridge Pedicab plans to offer the most comprehensive historic tours, “reverse valet” service,  and transportation services for other special events!

Monitoring and Reporting

Pedicab businesses participating in the Pilot Program will be required to submit a monthly report to the License Commission containing the following:

  1. The number of rides provided to the general public;
  2. The number of ride refusals, and reasons as to why;
  3. The number of citations issued to the business, or its operators, by any agent of the City of Cambridge, and any subsequent actions taken by the business to correct the citation matter;
  4. The number of consumer complaints received by the company, and the manner in which the complaints were addressed; and
  5. Any other information the License Commission deems relevant to determine the success of the Pilot Program.

The License Commission is also in the process of crafting a consumer feedback mechanism for residents, tourists, and businesses to continue to gather community feedback.

Program CancelLation and License Revocation

A pedicab business may decide at any point to discontinue participation in the program by informing the License Commission in writing. If a permit holder fails to operate per the parameters granted under the Pedicab Business Operation Permit, the License Commission may revoke such license, unless the business provides a reasonable explanation to the Board of License Commissioners.

The License Commission reserves the right to revoke the Pedicab Business Operation Permit at any time when pilot program requirements, municipal ordinances or other applicable regulations are violated, or for any other reason if it is determined to be in the best interest of the City.

If a permit is revoked from an operating pedicab business, the License Commission, at its discretion, may choose to award the Pedicab Business Operation Permit to an applicant that was not originally selected.

Pilot Program Conclusion

After completion of the pilot program, the License Commission shall consider whether the holder has performed satisfactorily under the terms of the CPRR and complied with applicable provisions of the pilot program. This includes compliance with the above monitoring and reporting requirements. The License Commission will also consider whether it is within public need and demand to grant additional or maintain current Pedicab Business Operation Permit based on the success of the pilot program.


For more information, contact Elizabeth Y. Lint, at 617.349.6140. She can also be reached by email at

Important Documents

  • Cambridge Pedicab Rules and Regulations ["CPRR"] (PDF)  

The Cambridge Pedicab Rules and Regulations were amended by the Board of License Commissioners on February 25, 2013.

  • Pilot Program Summary and Call for Applications (PDF 
  • Press Release Regarding the Announcement of Successful Applicants for the Pilot Program (PDF)
  • Pedicab Vehicle Registration and Inspection Packet  (PDF)
  • Pedicab Pilot Program Reporting Form (Word)
  • Pedicab Operator's License Application Packet  (PDF)

A pedicab operator application may be submitted by mail or dropped off in-person at the License Commission.  If you are submitting your application by mail, please include a $10.00 check or money order (made payable to the City of Cambridge), a copy of your driver's license, and a completed application form along with any requested supplemental material.  Applications should be mailed to:

Cambridge License Commission, Attention: Pedicab License Coordinator, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139