Licenses Not Issued by Us

License Resource List


The Cambridge License Commission receives many calls for licenses that are issued by other city agencies or state agencies. Here is a list of the most frequent requests; for a comprehensive list please see the state Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation web site.

Department of Public Health

License Type Contact Information and Application
Architects Division of Registration  Information
Barbers   Division of Registration  Information
Birth Certificate   Information  
Cigarette Sellers License Department of Revenue   617.887.5090
Death Certificates Department of Public Health 
Driver's License - Auto Registry of Motor Vehicles    
Employment Agencies  Division of Occupational Safety 617.727.3696
Financial Advisors   Secretary of State Securities Division  617.727.3548
Fishing License Department of Fisheries,
Wildlife & Environmental Law
Marriage Licenses Handled by
Local Governments  
City Clerk's Office
Marriage Licenses Cambridge Public Health Dept.   119 Windsor St. Lower Level, Cambridge 02139
Nurses Division of Registration   Information
Social Workers Division of Registration   Information

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