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Cutting or Welding or Hot Work Permit


cutting and welding

A person or company performing burning, welding, or cutting operations shall obtain a permit from the Fire Department. The permit shall specify the time and exact

Location of the work to be performed, the nature of the work to be done, and any special precautions to be taken during the work. Prior to the issuance of the permit, the applicant shall provide written authorization signed by the property owner or his agent describing the scope and specific locations where the work is to be performed.
527CMR § 39:04

The Fire Department requires a paid fire detail for all hotwork performed indoors and/or on the exterior structure of all occupied buildings, and for cutting/burning operations in buildings under demolition.

A fire detail may not required for hotwork performed in unoccupied buildings under construction, however, a fire watch is required to be provided by the welding contractor. This will be determined at time or permitting.

The permit fee is $25.00 cash or check made out to the City of Cambridge. Permit applications, written authorization and fee should be brought to Fire Headquarters at 491 Broadway, between the hours of 8am-10am and 2pm-3pm, Monday thru Friday excluding holidays. Please do not send anything by mail or fax.

Fire Details must be arranged 24 hours in advance.  Click here to access the Fire Detail Regulation:

Fire Detail Regulation


Click the following link to download a cutting/welding permit application:


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