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Fire Suppression System Permit


fire suppression system

Installation / Modification
Installation or modification to any fire suppression system shall require a permit from the Fire Department, Plumbing Inspector, and the Water Department. The Fire Department Permit will be issued upon approval of the plan and specification submittals when applying for a building permit. All contractor and sub-contractor plans, drawings, cut sheets, and design specifications must be submitted to the Inspectional Services Department and Water Department to complete the permit process.
527CMR 24

The owner, tenant, or lessee of every building or structure shall be responsible for the care and maintenance of all fire protections systems, including equipment and devices, to insure the safety and welfare of the occupants. Fire protection systems shall not be disconnected or otherwise rendered unserviceable without first notifying the Fire Department. A fire  permit may be required depending on the extent and length of time the system is out-of-service.
527CMR 1.06

Approval/Certificate of Occupancy Inspection
Before requesting final approval of the installation by the Fire Department, the installing contractor shall furnish a written statement to the effect that the fire suppression equipment has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and the provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code. The installation of such devices shall be completed within six months of issuance of permit.
527CMR 24

Fire Permit Application
Click the following link to download the application to install or modify a fire suppression system. This form can be submitted with the building permit application and plans. 

Fire Suppression System Permit


Fire Protection Impairment Affidavit
This form is required to be submitted with the permit application whenever any system is being shut down. 



Certificate of Completion

When required by Fire Prevention, for engineers and contractors.

Certificate of Completion


Installation and Maintenance Requirements

For installation and maintenance requirements, please reference the 

Massachusetts State Building Code Section 9


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