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Hackney License

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Hackney License

Issued by: License Commission

Governed By: Special Acts 1922 ch. 95; Cambridge Regulations & Ordinances, ch. 5.20

Process Length: Approximately three to four weeks

Fee: $10 Police Record Check; $75 Hackney School fee (cash or money order only); $32 one-year license fee


Step 1:

The applicant must sign up for the next Hackney school at the License Commission office, and complete the Police Record Check and Driver's Record Check Requests. The applicant must be a licensed Massachusetts driver for at least one year prior to applying for a license and most present his/her Mass. RMV license when applying.

Step 2:


The applicant must bring a receipt from the License Commission to confirm his or her spot at the Hackney School. The applicant is required to attend each class of the three-night course. If any class is missed, the applicant will not be able to take the Hackney test until that class is made up. Classes are held once a month.

Step 4:

The applicant must take a written examination at the License Commission upon successful completion of the Hackney school.  A Driver License application form must be completed by the applicant prior to the day of the test.

Step 5:


Once the applicant passes the test, and the record checks are approved, the applicant must find a licensed medallion owner for whom to drive. The employer must then sign off on the Employment Form.

Step 6:

Once the License Commission receives the Employment Form, a one-year license will be issued. The applicant must pay a $32 fee for the one-year license.

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