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Hackney License


Taxi Cab

Hackney License

Issued by: License Commission

Governed By: Special Acts 1922 ch. 95; Cambridge Regulations & Ordinances, ch. 5.20

Process Length: Approximately four to five weeks.

Fees: $100.00 Hackney School tuition (money order only) and $10.00 Fee for Criminal and Driving Record (Cash or Check accepted); After passing written Exam at the end of week of classes:  $10.00 due for 2 month Temporary Training license.  At expiration of  successful Temporary Training period:  $32.00 due for one year license.



Step 1:

The applicant must come to the License Commission office to register for the next available session of the Hackney school and complete the Police Record Check and Driver's Record Check Requests. The applicant must be a licensed Massachusetts driver for at least one year prior to applying for a license and must present his/her Mass. RMV license when applying.  At this point, the Applicant pays the $100.00 Money Order and the separate $10.00 (cash/check accepted) for the Record checks.

Step 2:

Hackney School

The applicant must bring the receipt from the License Commission to confirm his or her spot at the Hackney School. The applicant is required to attend each class of the five night course. If any class is missed, the applicant will not be able to take the Hackney test until that class is made up. Classes are held one week a month, from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

Step 4:

The applicant must take a written examination on the last night of the Hackney School.

Step 5:


Once the applicant passes the test, the applicant must find a licensed medallion owner for whom to drive. The employer must then complete the Employment Form.

Step 6:

Once the applicant brings the Employment Form and $10.00 to the License Commission Office, we will issue a Temporary, 60 day, Training license.  During this 60 day period, the owner of the Medallion is responsible for training the new driver on a number of items required for a taxicab driver.   This form is then signed by both the driver and the Medallion Owner and returned to the License Commission the week before the Temporary license expires.   Once the form is reviewed and approved by the Hackney Officer, a One Year license will be approved.  A $32.00 fee is payable before the license can be issued.


We will mail the driver a reminder to come to the office to renew approximately one month before his/her Hackney License is going to expire.  After review of the Driver's Hackney driving record and police and driving record, the Hackney Officer will decide whether the driver may renew for one year or three years.  A one year renewal is $32.00; a three year renewal is $75.00. 

Visiting City Hall

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Hours of Service

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Louis DePasquale
City Manager

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