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Seasonal Decorations/Christmas Tree License


Christmas Tree

Seasonal Decorations/Christmas Tree License

Issued by: License Commission/Fire Department

Governed By: Massachusetts General Law ch. 148 sec. 10A

Process Length: Usually takes one to two days

Fee: License Commission fee is $10/season. The Fire Department fee is $5/season.

Notes: 1) Trees must be kept away from building used for habitation
            2) Trees must be removed from premises by December 26th
            3) No trees can be stored inside a building
            4) A person must be in attendance at all times.


Step 1:

The applicant must obtain and complete the Christmas Tree Permit application from the License Commission.

Step 2:

The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) will review the application for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance. Upon approval, ISD will sign-off.

Step 3:

The Fire Department will issue a separate permit. Issuance of the license to the applicant is contingent on receipt of the Fire Department permit.

Step 4:

The applicant must submit the completed, signed application and the Fire Department permit to the License Commission with the License Fee. The License Commission will verify that all requirements have been met, and issue the license. A follow-up site visit will be conducted.

Visiting City Hall

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Lisa C. Peterson
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