Interdepartmental Parking Facility Application Form


The Parking Registration Form is a required form intended to notify all relevant City departments about a change in parking supply or layout in Cambridge.  Any change in quantity, use, or location of off-street parking spaces in the City of Cambridge must be registered with our Department, per City Ordinance 10.18.  Any increase in the quantity of non-residential parking spaces may trigger the City’s Parking and Transportation Demand Management (PTDM) Ordinance 10.18.  For additional information, please contact Catherine Preston, the City’s PTDM Planning Officer, at  The operation of commercial parking (parking open to the general public for a fee) requires approval from the Commercial Parking Control Committee (CPCC), per City Ordinance 10.16.  All parking changes require approval from the Inspectional Services Department at 831 Massachusetts Avenue.  The Fire Department reviews all changes to ensure adequate access by emergency equipment is maintained.

When parking supply or layout is being changed, complete a Parking Registration Form and submit it to any one of the following Departments when applying for the following permits, plans or licenses:

Inspectional Services Department (building permit)
Licensing Commission (open-air parking lot license; garage & gasoline license)
PTDM Planning Officer (PTDM plan)
Traffic Department (all of the above; commercial parking permits)

NOTE: A scaled layout MUST be submitted to the Traffic Department, electronically, by mail, or by hand.

  • Enter the name of the parking facility if different than the address.
  • Enter the address of the parking facility as recorded by the Assessing Department for the parcel
  • Enter the block and parcel numbers as recorded by the Assessing Department
  • Enter the name, address, and phone number of the property owner
  • Enter the name, address, and phone number of the facility operator (if different)
  • Enter the name & address of any off-site users of this facility (or indicate “general public”)
  • Check the type of request this is
  • Check the type of facility this is
  • Check the type of user for the facility (Commercial users are the paying general public.  Accessory users are specific & exclusive users located on the parcel, an adjacent parcel, or within 300-feet of the parcel who need this parking to meet zoning requirements.  Principal users are from other parcels who do not need this parking to meet zoning requirements.)
  • Check how fees are collected, if any
  • Indicate the zoning maximum and minimum requirements, if any
  • In the boxes at the bottom, indicated the registered and proposed amounts of parking in each category (Registered parking amounts can be obtained by inquiring with the Traffic Department.  Contact Adam Shulman at or 617-349-4745.)
  • Briefly describe the users of each parking category (company name(s), tenant name(s), etc.)

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