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Sidewalk Obstruction Business Use - renewal form


Business Use Sidewalk Obstruction Permit

A business use sidewalk obstruction permit is required if you are a business in the City of Cambridge and want to use an “A” framed sign, sandwich board, display merchandise, or use tables and chairs on a sidewalk in the public way. This permit is also required if you want to hang a temporary banner across a public way.

Note: If alcohol will be served as part of outdoor seating or if the obstruction is of a permanent nature, additional permits will be required.

Permit requirements for permit renewals:

1. On or before March 31 of each year, submit a completed sidewalk business use renewal application to the Department of Public Works for review. The application must include:
a) Business name
b) Business location and address
c) Phone number
d) Contact person’s phone number
e) Emergency contact’s phone number (24 hour access)
f) Days of the week that the obstruction will be on the sidewalk
g) Requested hours that the obstruction will be on the sidewalk
h) Petitioner’s signature

2. Submit a drawing that displays where the obstruction will be located on the sidewalk in relation to the business premises and curb. The location of sidewalk obstruction must meet ADA requirements.

3. Submit with this application a certificate of insurance that names the City as additionally insured and the certificate holder in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

4. Pay the $75.00 permit fee. 

Download permit application  (PDF)

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