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A Permit is required for a special event.   A "Special Event" is an event open to the general public; it can be held on public or private property; it may feature entertainment, amusements, food & beverages; it may be classified as a festival, road race, parade, or walkathon.  A public event in the City of Cambridge depending on the size and nature of the event may require a number of permits from various departments within the City before it is officially approved.  Visit our Special Event FAQ page for more information.

In order to assure that the City as well as the public event applicant has as much information as needed before beginning the permitting process, the City requires the applicant to sit down with the Special Events Committee prior to the scheduling of their event. The applicant must provide a completed Special Events Application form before your scheduled meeting that includes a detailed site plan or map of the area showing all of the following:
     all American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility
     pedestrian & fire access
     dimensions of stages & tents
     type of equipment or generators
    the placement of any vendors and 
    any portable toilet facilities. (Site plan/map must be large enough to be legible.)
    If the site of the event is privately owned, a letter from the landlord giving the applicant the right to use the property is required. 
    If the event is featuring entertainment, you need to list all performances. 
    If the event is featuring amusements, you need to list all rides & games. 
    If this is a "first year" of your event, please attach any letters of support from local community and business organizations.

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