Fire Detail Information

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A fire detail may be required for cutting and welding operations: Cutting/Welding/Hot Work Permit, for demolition operations: Demolition Permit, for assembly occupancies where candles are in use; and for other purposes where the Fire Marshal deems it necessary for life safety such as fire protection/fire alarm impairments and special events.

Office Hours are 8-10am and 2-3pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Detail requests and cancelations must be in before 2pm.

Details must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance. Multiple days can be scheduled in advance.

Important Paid Fire Detail Update 

Requesting a Fire Detail   *** Please Note: Deadline for submitting detail requests must be in by 2:00pm the business day before.  Requests submitted after 2:00pm may not be filled and work may not be allowed.  Thank you.

Canceling a Fire Detail    *** Please Note: Deadline for submitting detail cancellations must be in by 2:00pm the business day before.  Cancellations submitted after 2:00pm may require payment of entire detail.  Thank you.

Effective 7/24/16 CFD New Detail Rate

Questions or concerns can be made by sending an email to or by calling (617) 349-4990.