Transit in Cambridge

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Cambridge is served by a variety of kinds of public transportation, including subway, commuter rail, buses, shuttles, and bicycle share. A large proportion of Cambridge residents and workers already use and rely on public transit, as well as other sustainable, healthy transportation modes like walking and biking. With projected shifts in demographics, as well as predicted housing and economic development in the region, public transit will become even more vital to the region than it is today. To help guide its work on transit projects, the City established a Transit Advisory Committee and, in 2015, released a Transit Strategic Plan (high resolution version / low resolution version).

For information about using transit in Cambridge, please visit the Getting Around Cambridge by Transit page.

What's New?

MBTA Bus Routing and Stop Location Changes

The City works with the MBTA on an ongoing basis to modify bus stop locations and bus routing to improve travel times, service reliability, and safety. At the end of December 2016, the following changes will occur:

  • New Acorn Park Drive routing and bus stop: The MBTA will update the inbound routing of Bus Routes 62, 67, 76, and 84 (and 62/76 on Saturdays) toward Alewife Station to travel via Acorn Park Drive. This update will allow buses to avoid traffic on Route 2, saves through-riders travel time, and improves the bus stop for travelers to and from destinations along Acorn Park Drive. For more information, please view a press release from the MBTA.
  • Broadway at Galileo Galilei Way bus stop: In response to requests from the public and MBTA bus operators, the bus stop on Broadway at Galileo Galilei Way, heading toward Kendall Square, will be shifted to the far side of the intersection to improve operations and increase safety for all users.

Porter Square Real-Time Transit Information Display

On December 15, a pilot Soofa Sign, which displays real-time bus, subway, and Commuter Rail arrival times, was installed in Porter Square. Please email any feedback to or call 617/349-6959.

New Bus Shelters

Planned for the week of December 19, JCDecaux Boston will replace shelters at bus stops near three intersections in Cambridge. Click below to view images of the new shelters. For more information, please email or call 617/349-6959.

Green Street Bus Stop Improvements

Planned for the spring of 2017, a curb extension will be constructed at the bus stop on Green Street at Pearl Street to increase space for waiting passengers, pedestrians, and bus stop amenities. In order to minimize the impact on parking, parking on Green Street between Pearl Street and Brookline Street will be shifted to the north side of the street. For more information, please view the flyer, presentation, poster, and notes from the June 2016 public meeting.

Transit Initiatives

The City is engaged in a number of studies and projects related to transit within Cambridge and the greater region.

Cambridge Initiatives

Regional Initiatives

Additional Regional Transit Information

For More Information

For more information, contact Tegin Teich Bennett at or 617/349-4615.