Designer Selection Procurement Documents

The following documents are used when drafting a request for proposals for architect and engineering services. These documents are used when selecting an architect to work on a building project estimated to cost over $100,000.00 or when the services are estimated to cost more than $10,000.00. These documents can also be used when choosing a designer or engineer for a non-building project, except where noted.

RFP Advertising Directions (PDF)

Instructions to Bidders (PDF)

Standard Designer Application Form for Municipalities and Public Agencies not within DSB Jurisdiction 2011 (PDF)

Designer Agreement (PDF)

The Anti Collusion/Tax Certificate (PDF)

The Truth in Negotiations Certificate (PDF)

MBE/WBE Business Enterprise Requirements, Chapter 193 Acts of 2004 (PDF)

CORI Ordinance (PDF)

CORI Compliance Form (PDF)        

CORI City Policy Form (PDF)

OSHA Compliance Form (PDF)