Public Construction Procurement

The following documents make up the "front end" (administrative and procedural requirements) of a public works bid document. Other required documents are in the Public Works/Public Construction Shared Documents folder.

Advertisement  (PDF)

The advertisement must be submitted to Purchasing for publication in the Secretary of State's Central Register and the Cambridge Chronicle. The Central Register requires the ad be submitted no later than Tuesday for publication in the next week's Central Register on Wednesday. The Chronicle requires the ad to be submitted no later than Friday for publication in the following week's issue on Thursday. Release and due dates must be pre-approved by the Purchasing Agent.

Table of Contents (PDF)

The Table of Contents provides an example of how the “front end” documents can be arranged in the bid document.

Instruction to Bidders (PDF)

The Instructions to Bidders explains the procurement procedures and the contents of a bid. Please note that the Department must notify Purchasing of the length of the projects and the liquidated damages in Section 10.

Form for General Bidder Samples  (PDF)

This sample follows the statutorily mandated bid form (Mass. General Laws Ch.149, 44E). The add and delete alternatives, as well as the list of sub-trades are examples only.

Form for Sub-Bidder Samples (PDF)

This sample follows the statutorily mandated bid form (Mass. General Laws Ch. 149, 44F). The add and delete alternatives are examples only.

MBE/WBE Business Enterprise Requirements, Chapter 193 Acts of 2004 (PDF)

Legislation was adopted which requires that awarding authorities who receive State funding for any portion of a construction project incorporate MBE and WBE goals into both design and construction. The City already has an MBE requirement of 10%. The WBE requirement for these projects is 4%

Owner Contractor Agreement (PDF)

The document will be the contract that the City and the successful bidder will sign. The Purchasing Department will prepare the contract.

General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

(Very large document. Please note the insurance requirements in Section 8. )