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Or, visit our weekly construction highlights page to learn about current construction activity and to find links related to planning and construction (including rodent control, private utility, and institutional projects, etc.).

To learn which streets/ sidewalks are scheduled for reconstruction during the next 5 years, please visit the 5 Year Street and Sidewalk Reconstruction Plan.

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Project Name & Description Type Category
Fawcett Street
Reconstruction of Fawcett Street
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Elm and Hampshire Plaza Renovation
Plaza renovation project
Parks Current Construction
Ellery Street Reconstruction Project
Reconstruction of Ellery Street between Cambridge St and Broadway
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Concord Avenue Neighborhood
Reconstructing of utilities, streets and sidewalks in the Concord Avenue neighborhood. Phase 3 of the Alewife Sewer Separation Project.
Sewer and Stormwater Current Construction
Concord Ave Reconstruction
Includes Concord Ave from Fresh Pond Parkway to Blanchard Rd.
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Community Development Block Grant
Includes Elm St, Market St, Gardner Rd, Notre Dame Ave
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Common Manhole Separation Project
Includes Emily St, Tudor St, Decatur St, Speridakis Terrace, Day St, Green St, Franklin St, Hamilton St, Murray Hill Rd, Main St, Anglim St, Brewer St, Amherst Alley and the Volpe Center
Current Construction
City Hall AV Improvements
Upgrades to the Sullivan Chamber, Ackermann Room, and Sophie J. Anastos Room
Housing Current Construction
Chapter 90 Contract 14
Includes Linnaean St, Spring St, Davis St, Moore St
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Chapter 90 Contract 13
Includes Chauncy St, Upland Rd (Raymond to Huron), Lowell St, Pemberton St, Henry St
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Chapter 90 Contract 12
Includes Hubbard Ave, Robinson St, Cushing St, First St, Putnam Ave
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Chapter 90 Contract 11
Includes Brattle St, Prospect St, Middlesex St, Cedar St, Cameron Ave, Municipal Lot #2
Streets and Sidewalks Completed Project
Cambridge Tunnel Reconstruction Project
Reconstruction of the Cambridge Tunnel and Overpass
Streets and Sidewalks Current Construction
Cambridge Park Drive Area Drainage Improvements and Stormwater Wetland Project
Includes Wheeler St, Fawcett St, CambridgePark Dr, Acorn Park Dr, and the Alewife Reservation
Sewer and Stormwater Completed Project
Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park
Rehabilitation of the Cambridge Common and Flagstaff Park
Parks Current Construction

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