Harvard Square Public Toilet

                                          Mock Drawing

This project has been completed. No further updates to this project page will be made.

February 2016

  • Project complete
  • Opening event on February 12, 2016
  • Toilet functional and open to public as of February 12, 2016

January 2016

  • Sidewalk work has been completed. 
  • Eversource is scheduled to provide power in the next 3 weeks. 
  • Once the power is in place, our contractor will do the final testing of the pumps. 
  • Toilet anticipated to be operational, winter 2016

December 2015
  • Toilet to be operational in 2016
  • Utilities to the structure installed
  • Main structure installed
  • Outstanding work includes:
    • Eversource completing power connection and energizing the facility
    • Connecting the plumbing
    • Testing the control panel
    • Finishing brick sidewalk around the structure

November 2015
  • Sewer connection completed week of 11/2.
  • Concrete pad poured week of 11/2; will cure for a week before structures installed.
  • Brick work to occur week of 11/9; bicycle posts to be installed.

October 21, 2015

  • Contractor anticipates delivery of the structures to arrive within 1-2 weeks
  • Once they arrive, they will be installed
  • Once installed, the concrete foundation will be poured and delivery of the toilet will be scheduled
  • Currently waiting on Eversource to make electrical supply connections which is anticipated in next 1-2 weeks

  • September 2015

    • Utilities working to connect power supply
    • Structures and pumps have been ordered
    • Pouring of the concrete pad and installation of toilet anticipated late October 2015
    • Project includes new public toilet in MacArthur Park near Church St.  Facility is a simple, sturdy, graffiti-resistant, flush toilet kiosk, located on the sidewalk and accessible 24 hours/day

    July 2015

    Crews are expected to mobilize in mid-July to continue preparation for the installation of the Portland Loo. Installation is expected to take place in August 2015.


    Fall 2014/Winter 2015

    Crews will not perform any major work on the public toilet this winter.  Weather permitting, crews may perform some utility work in advance of the spring installation.  Major work will resume in the spring 2015.



    Project completed February 2016.

    Due to schedule delays relating to coordination with utilities, delivery of structures, etc., the City's contractor anticipates the toilet to be installed and operational in winter 2016.

    In April and May, the city's contractor will begin to perform the necessary utility and site work for the toilet installation.  


    The City will install a new public toilet in MacArthur Park near Church St later this summer. Modeled after the “Portland Loo” of Portland, Oregon, the public toilet will be the first of its kind in Cambridge.

    The facility is a simple, sturdy, graffiti-resistant, flush toilet kiosk, located on the sidewalk (see photo). The toilets are free to the public and accessible 24 hours per day. These facilities provide the community with a clean, safe and environmentally-friendly restroom


    • Toilet Location
    • Design Features
    • Mock Drawing

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