Central Square Public Toilet

As part of the City’s Participatory Budgeting process, $320,000 in the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget was allocated for a public toilet installation in Central Square. Public Works has identified four possible locations in Central Square. The preferred location is on Western Avenue, just south of Mass. Avenue. Construction is slated for summer 2017.

After reviewing these locations with the Human Services, Police, Community Development, and Public Works departments, as well as discussing the options with the Central Square Advisory Committee, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, and Central Square Business Association and reviewing their feedback, the area chosen as the preferred location for the Central Square Public Toilet is on Western Avenue, just south of Massachusetts Avenue.

A conflict with an existing gas main at the location has been identified, and the City is working with Eversource to relocate this line as part of the project. We anticipate that the installation of the toilet will take place in summer 2017, however there are a significant number of utilities in the area and, as with any construction project, unforeseen conflicts could delay or extend the length of the project.

After meeting with stakeholders and soliciting feedback from the Cambridgeport Neighbors Association, Central Square Businesses Association, Central Square Advisory Committee, and others, the City is recommending to site the Central Square Public Toilet on Western Ave just past the intersection with Mass Ave.

Next steps include drilling “test pits” at the location to determine below-grade space, access to utilities, etc. to ensure the location if viable.
City staff attended meetings to share information with community groups on the following dates:
  • Central Square Business Association 5/2/16 and 1/19/17
  • Central Square Advisory Committee 4/20/16 and 1/4/17
  • Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association 6/16/16 and 2/23/17

Utility relocations scheduled for March / April. Construction of toilet – summer 2017.

$320,000 in FY16 budget for a public toilet in Central Sq. Will be modeled after the completed public toilet in Harvard Sq. The City worked to identify potential locations that meet criteria of:

  • Available space (above and below ground)
  • Access to utilities
  • Visibility to ensure that the facility can be easily monitored
  • Proximity to restaurants, transit and pedestrian traffic.
The City reviewed locations with community groups and construction is slated for summer 2017.

Dan Riviello

Community Relations Manager

617-349-4825 / driviello@cambridgema.gov

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