DPW FED Form Test

The text you enter here is displayed directly below the form name. This could be, for example, a description, some instructions, or any other information.

Simple types

The text you enter here is displayed at the top of this section.

This field is a single line which accepts all types of text. Entries into this field are limited to 255 characters(by default).
This field can contain multiple lines of any type of text. By default the field is limited to 512 characters.
The Password field can any type of text in a single line. All characters entered in the field are masked.
The Number field can only contain numbers. You can specify maximum and minimum values.
This field checks that the value entered is a valid E-mail address. A valid e-mail address contains a "@" and "." character, and has an email domain name with more than two characters.
This field consists of three list boxes to choose a day, a month and a year.
The File Upload field type displays a text box and a browse button that allows users to select a file to upload to the server.
The field displays a check box that allows users can check or uncheck.
List types

The text you enter here is displayed at the top of this section.

Drop Down Lists allows users to select an option from a list.
Radio Buttons List

The field contains a group of radio buttons. The user can select one of these buttons.
This field a list box, that allows the user to either select one or multiple options.
Checkbox List

The field displays a group of check boxes. The user can check or one or more of these boxes.
Complex Types

The text you enter here is displayed at the top of this section.

This field is used to enter a password, which is compared to the Confirm Password field.
This field confirms that its value is that same as the Password field above.
This field allows the user to choose from a list of the most common credit card types.
This field allows the user to enter a credit card number and verifies that the number is in the right format for that card type.

A Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer.

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