GreenSense Campaigns

Every six months, GreenSense focuses on a new sustainability topic for City employees to learn about.  During those six months, there will be up to three campaigns relating to the umbrella topic, each promoting simple actions employees can do to help meet the stated goals.

Current Campaign

What's Your Paper Trail? (July-December 2013)
Cambridge municipal employees used over six and a half million sheets of paper last year.  If every City employee reduces their paper use by 10%, or just 9 pieces of paper a week, we can save 80 full grown trees and 1,700,000 gallons of water.

Previous Campaigns

GreenSense dedicated its first year of the program to promote energy conservation throughout the municipal workplace.  Four specific campaigns focused on the goal to reduce energy consumption in City facilities by 5% by encouraging energy-efficient practices among employees.  Over the first three quarters of the energy efficiency campaigns, Cambridge realized a 6% reduction in electricity use in municipal buildings when compared to the previous year.  While it is not possible to attribute this reduction solely to employee behavior changes, these results strongly suggest that employees' habits and use of facilities can have a big impact on saving energy and money for the City.

    Turn it Off (Oct-Dec 2008) 
    Turn off lights and equipment (copiers, kitchen equipment) when they’re not in use.

    Power Down (Jan-Mar 2009)
    Please turn off computers, printers, and peripherals when you leave fort the day.

    SummerSense (Apr-Jun 2009)
    Reduce energy consumption to reduce summer/peak demand.

    Use Your (Green)Senses (Jul-Sep 2009)
   Check for air and water leaks in windows and doors (air) and bathrooms and kitchens (water).

    GreenSense and Recycling (Sep-Dec 2010)
Recycling protects the environment and saves money.  Single Stream recycling will increase the City's recycling rate.

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