Municipal Facilities

The majority of the City's energy consumption is related to the operation of the City's 74 facilities. Despite the growth in the City's overall building square footage, which increased 17% between FY08 and FY12 (with the opening of the Robert W. Healy Public Safety Building, War Memorial Recreation Center, Russell Youth & Community Center, and Main Library expansion in FY09 and FY10, and the acquisition of the Foundry Building in FY12), the City's commitment to energy efficiency led to a decrease in total energy use by 6% over the same period.

FY08-FY12 Municipal Building Energy Use, Area and Weather Intensity (pdf)

 FY08-FY12 Municipal Energy Use Area - Weather

Click on the graph above to view larger image (pdf).

The above chart displays the relationship between energy use, building area, and weather intensity (shown in degree days). Despite significant increases in building area and extreme variability in weather intensity, the City is using energy at its facilities more efficiently, decreasing the average amount of energy used per square foot (EUI) by 20% from FY08 to FY12. The City continues to improve data collection and analysis of energy use, and is seeking to have weather-normalized data available for all municipal buildings in FY14.

FY08-FY12 Municipal Energy Use Facts (pdf)

FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12
Total City Energy Use (MMBtu1) 307,256 324,094 306,125 328,744 287,212
Total City CO2e2 Emissions (lbs) 66,668,465 66,473,764 62,248,701 65,986,582 60,109,839
Total City Energy & Fuel Costs ($) $8,341,447 $9,937,149 $8,221,762 $9,196,947 $8,582,834
Total Degree Days3 65o base 6,256 6,494 6,154 6,802 5,749
Total Municipal Building Area (sq.ft.) 2,897,316 3,154,933 3,321,833 3,321,833 3,398,259
*Average Municipal Bldg Energy Use
Intensity (EUI)4 (kBtu1/sq. ft)
72 73 65 71 58
Average Municipal Building Energy
Cost per square foot ($/sq.ft.)
$2.15 $2.35 $1.94 $2.17 $1.89

*EUI figures do not include the 154,000 sq.ft. Water J. Sullivan Water Purification Facility.


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