Recycling Advisory Committee Meeting

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Department of Public Works
147 Hampshire Street
Main Conference Room

City Wide

Ms. Randi Mail,, 617-349-4866

Committee members are appointed by the City Manager. All meetings are open to the public. Members of the public may speak during the public comment section for up to two minutes. If you wish to speak, please contact Kelly Dunn at 617-349-4870 or by 1pm the day before the meeting. You may also email, fax or mail written comments for inclusion in public comments in lieu of appearing to speak in person. The Committee Chair must first grant permission to non-members who request to speak at the meeting.

Draft Agenda for January 14, 2015

  • Housekeeping, 8:00am (10 min)
    • Public comment
    • Approve minutes
  • Discussion Topics, 8:10am, (1 hr 15 min) 
  • Closing, 9:25am (5 min)
    • Action Plan / Decisions
    • Announcements & Check-ins
    • Adjourn, 9:30am

RAC High Priority Action Items (not in any order):

  • Customize support statement for paint EPR legislation in MA provided by PSI. (DG)
  • Identify waste reduction curriculum taught to Cambridge Public School students, opportunities for improvement, and ways to involve high school students. (MS & DK)
  • Review DPW recycling outreach budget. Develop proposal to leverage funds for media campaign. (JV, DK, KC, MO)
  • Incorporate materials management into the City’s waste and climate goals and strategy. (JM, RG, MO, MV, SJ)
  • Review and recommend changes to the Recycling Ordinance, and the Commercial Rules & Regulations. (all)


The medium priority action items are (prioritized, 1-5, 1 being most important):

  • Engage City in planning, response & implications for rodent-proof trash barrels, and propose short term, more tangible trash reduction goals (30% less trash by 2020 & 80% less by 2050). (2.33)
  • Host a roundtable/speaker series on waste reduction, highlighting checkout bag ordinance, curbside organics, and trash barrels. (2.67)
  • Assist with regular outreach to multifamily buildings, publicize big building performance and do surveys to gauge attitudes/awareness. (2.89)
  • Review and follow-up on Business Recycling Recommendations presented to the commissioners in June 2014. (3.22)
  • Research options and explore policy recommendations to increase reuse and/or recycling of bulky items such as broken furniture. (3.89)

The low priority action items are (not in any order):

  • Support organics outreach and help expand drop-off program.
  • Ensure pharmaceutical collection options are publicized by the recycling program.

2015 meetings

Held at DPW, 147 Hampshire St main conference room, due to city hall renovations

  • January 14, JV minutes

Held at City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave, Council Chambers, 2nd floor

  • February 11, DK minutes
  • March 11, KC minutes
  • April 8, MS minutes
  • May 13, JM minutes
  • June 10, MO minutes

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