Asian Longhorn Beatle


7/9/2010 - Asian Longhorned Beetle found in Boston:

A small infestation of active Asian longhorned Beetle (ALB) was positively identified in six red maple trees on the grounds of Faulkner Hospital on Center St. in Jamaica Plain (Boston, MA) over the Fourth of July weekend (2010).  The six red maple trees were all approximately 8” in diameter and were planted at this site 5-8 years ago.  All of the infested trees were within a 50’ radius of one another.  On Tuesday morning 7/7/10 all of the trees were cut down and ground into wood chips.  Survey work of the surrounding area began immediately with ground crews as well as tree climbers.  As of late Thursday afternoon 7/8/10 more than 600 trees in the area had been surveyed and no new finds of ALB have yet to be discovered.  According to standard USDA policy with new finds of this invasive pest an initial Regulated Area with a 1.5 mile radius has been established.  This new Regulated Area of 10 square miles includes Arnold Arboretum, Franklin Park, Brookline golf courses, and Jamaica Pond. It is currently believed that this find may be an isolated incidence that was detected early.  Preliminary evidence from the affected trees indicates that the infestation may be relatively new.  Exit holes were found and two live adult beetles were recovered on the trees.  Within the infested trees, 30 larvae were found along with 10 adult beetles on the verge of emergence as well as 5-6 pupae.  The source of this infestation is not known and DNA analysis will determine if these beetles are related to the population of ALB in Worcester.  MDAR has issued the following:

"It is extremely important that we get the word out ASAP to everyone in the Boston, Brookline and Newton area to be on the lookout for:

  1. Adult Asian longhorned beetles (shiny black beetles with white spots and long, banded antennae).
  2. ALB exit holes (dime-sized, perfectly round holes, especially in maple, but also in birch, elm, horsechestnut, willow and other hardwood trees…but not oak).
  3. ALB egg-laying sites (divots in the bark ranging in size from 1/4 to 3/4 inches across – fresh pits often have oozing, foaming sap)

Anyone seeing anything suspicious should report it immediately at or toll-free:
1-866-702-9938. Take photos if you can.

If you are with an environmental group or other organization that needs outreach materials, we will provide you with ID cards, fact sheets, etc., for free. Just contact me by phone or email.

Spread the word, not the beetle! Get all the latest ALB news at:"


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