DPW Winter Storm Advisory


International Six-Wheel Snow Plow

The Department of Public Works will clear streets as soon as possible after a snow storm, starting with major arteries. We do try to prioritize, doing main arteries and main streets first, but we will plow and salt all streets. From the start of the storm and usually well into the next day, we will push back snow many times on the same streets to clear snow to the maximum extent possible.

City Ordinance requires property owners to remove snow from sidewalks next to their property or business after a snow storm.

Please Remember to:

• Shovel sidewalk on all sides of your property, down to bare pavement;
• Make path wide enough a wheelchair, walker or stroller (at least 3 feet, preferably 4 feet);
• Clear snow to curb to avoid placing trash and recycling containers behind snow banks;
• Clear ramps at corners and crosswalks;
• Keep street drains clear of snow to avoid ponding and icing at the bottom of ramps;
• Be mindful of anything—hedges, trees, parked cars— that obstructs pedestrians’ path of travel;
• Consider helping neighbors who may have difficulty clearing their walk.

Three ways to report a sidewalk that is not shoveled:

• Use the DPW online reporting form
• Call the DPW Snow Hotline at 617-349-4903
• Download Cambridge iReport app to your smartphone, www.cambridgema.gov/apps.

To learn more about the DPW snow operations, please click here.

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