DPW Welcomes 2014-2016 Recycling Advisory Committee Members


RAC Event

Early this morning, the Department of Publics Works hosted a small event to welcome the 12 members of the 2014-2016 Recycling Advisory Committee (RAC) and to thank past members. The event included a presentation highlighting the City’s recycling programs and events, past Recycling Advisory Committee decisions, tips for reducing waste, and concepts to help residents and business owners understand what zero waste is and the link between climate change and materials. Click here to view the presentation.

City Manager Rich Rossi, DPW Commissioner Owen O’Riordan and Recycling Director Randi Mail, were in attendance to express their gratitude to past members and to welcome new members. After the event, Randi Mail praised the work of the Recycling Advisory Committee. “It is my sincere honor to thank the outgoing members of the City of Cambridge’s Recycling Advisory Committee, thank the members that will serve again, and to welcome the new members to the committee. Working with the RAC over the past 12 years has been a high point of my job as Recycling Director. These are some of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and resourceful residents and professionals that I have met”, Mail said.

The Recycling Advisory Committee was established in the City’s Mandatory Recycling Ordinance passed in March 1991 and has been a tremendous force in growing our programs and volunteering to make our program the success that it is. The RAC provides advice, assistance and recommendations to the DPW Commissioner regarding the City’s recycling, toxics reduction and waste prevention programs as well as the implementation of strategies to meet the goals in the Massachusetts Solid Waste Master Plan, Pathway to Zero Waste, and the City’s Climate Protection Plan.

2014-2016 Recycling Advisory Committee Members                                    

Keith Cialino                                                                                                   
Sharah Connor                                                                                              
Jan Dillon-Schaub                                                                                           
Debby Galef                                                                                          
Rob Gogan                                                                                                   
Debby Knight                                                                 
Janet Mosley                                                                 
Laura Nichols                                                                
Michael Orr                                                                   
Meera Singh                                                                  
Joanna Vanden                                                              
Mary Verhage    


2011-2013 Recycling Advisory Committee Members      

Michael Arnott
Luis Baigiorria
Liza Casella
Bruce Comen
Mike Cosgrove
Claire Davies
George Delegas
Jan Dillon-Schaub
Debby Galef
Rob Gogan
Jarrod Jones
Juliana Lyman
Adam Mitchell
Judy Nathans
Laura Nichols
Robert Winters
Jason Zogg 



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