Alewife Sewer Separation Project Update


Limits of the Project

Thank you for your patience during the on-going construction in the neighborhood. Staff working on this project understands it is challenging to live, work and commute in and through active construction zones and appreciate your commitment to working with us throughout these projects. The improvements to the water quality of the Alewife Brook and the Boston Harbor and the overall infrastructure improvements in the neighborhood would not be possible without your continued support.
Significant progress has been made since construction began in 2012.

• Huron A Contract – 80% Complete.
• Huron B Contract – 25% Complete.
• Concord Avenue Contract – 15% Complete.

When the projects are completed, there will be new streets and accessible sidewalks, enhanced pedestrian improvements, over 300 additional street trees, over 33,000 linear feet of new water mains and no combined sewer overflows from the neighborhood to the Alewife Brook.

Why is there so much construction in the neighborhood?
The Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) is under a federal court order to clean up the Boston Harbor. As part of that effort, sewer separation in the Huron Avenue and Concord Avenue areas must be completed by December 2015. Street and sidewalk construction will continue through 2016. We appreciate how challenging this construction is for residents and businesses and are committed to working with you throughout this process and look forward to the long-term water quality benefits, as well as the new utilities, streets and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood.

What are the Best Routes for Driving?
During the project, many streets are likely to be under construction simultaneously, which makes driving during working hours challenging. To assist residents during this time, each week a map of suggested travel routes is posted on the project websites.  

Huron A Update
• Curb and sidewalk work will be completed on Lexington, Grozier, Hawthorne and Poplar this week.
• Curb and sidewalk work is underway on Lakeview and Vassal.
• Curb and sidewalk to begin on Worthington, Standish, Malcolm and Larch mid-August and scheduled to be completed by November 2014
• Roadway binder has been completed on Lakeview, Malcolm, Standish, Vassal and Larch
• Porous pavement estimated to begin between late August to late October 2014
• Final pavement estimated to begin between mid-September to mid-November 2014
• Landscaping should be underway September 2014

Huron B Update
• Sewer work on Fayerweather (North of Huron)- on-going through mid-August
• Temporary and permanent water installation on Fayerweather (N of Huron)- beginning early August for several months
• Sewer and drain on Lincoln Ln- Beginning early August until the end of August
• Sewer and drain work on Appleton (S of Huron) - beginning mid-August for several months
• Water work on Vassal Ln- on-going for several months
• Water work on Chilton St- on-going until the end of August
• Drain work on Royal Ave- starting mid-august through the beginning of September
• Drain work on Granville- Starting mid-August through mid-September.

Concord Ave Update
• Sewer, drain, and water on Fayerweather (Concord to Saville), Saville to be completed mid-July.
• Drain work on Fayerweather St (Concord to Copley) to be completed by the end of July.
• Drain work on Corporal Burns to begin end of July and be completed in the beginning of August.
• Sewer and drain work on Concord Ave (Walden to Huron) anticipated to begin August and completed by November.
• Sewer and drain work on Walden St (Garden to Concord) anticipated to begin in August and completed by November.

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