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August 24, 2015

Eversource Paving Notification
Properly functioning gate boxes / shut-off valves are a significant safety and liability issue for all of us.  Damaging utility infrastructure, including gas valves, is a violation of Dig Safe Regulations and subject to a $1,000 to $10,000 fine per incident.  Announcing paving operations at Monday morning construction meetings is important, but is not sufficient.  Contractors must email Eversource Gas and Electric prior to paving and work with them to coordinate adjustments of valves and structures. 

Eversource Gas
Construction Contractors must provide Eversource Gas one-month written / email notice of all planned paving to:

Paving Operations  

  • Valves must be accessible and visible at all times. 
  • Paving over a gate box / shut-off valve is a serious safety hazard and under no case, can a contractor bury gate boxes / shut-off valves under paving. 
  • Contractors must notify Eversource if any gate boxes / shut-off valves were damaged during grinding or full depth construction.
  • Eversource will raise the gate boxes / shut-off valves prior to each phase of paving.  Contractors can make the final 1” to 2” adjustment to match the final grading.

Eversource Electric
Construction Contractors must provide Eversource Electric two-week written / email notice of all planned paving to:

City Projects

Huron A Project (Gioioso)
Porous paving Wednesday
Sidewalk replacements – various locations
Larch @ Fresh Pond Pkwy – bio-basins

Huron B Project (Barletta)
Appleton St – water services; grading; next week paving
Blakeslee St – trenches were paved Friday
Inverts & hoods project wide
Vassal Lane – illicit connections
Thursday – back of sidewalk work starts

Concord Ave Project (Gioioso)
Garden St – water main work
Fern St – sewer and drainage work
Saville – sidewalk work
Inverts – project wide
Concord Ave @ Huron Ave – night time full depth work
Donnell St – shielding need by Eversource Electric

New Street & Concord Lane (Barletta)
Drain and sewer work – night work
Starting night work next week

Western Ave Project (D’Allessandro)
Punch list
Green St – binder tomorrow
Blackstone St – top paving

Binney Street Project (Gilbane/Derenzo)
Lane closure Tuesday Binney St at Third St – traffic loop work

Chapter 90 – Contract 16 (Marchese)
Second St @ Thorndike St – no work; waiting on Gas Company (1 more week)
Mass Ave (Russell – Blake) paving Friday, August 28th at night (8:00pm-4:00am)
Mass Ave – (Linnaean – Chauncy) – milling August 30th finish northbound and then work on southbound – will need additional night; paving Sept 3-4 (8:00pm-4:00am)

Chapter 90 – Contract 17 (D’Allessandro)
Mead St – back of sidewalk work; milling road this week
Mt Auburn St – sidewalk work; waiting on bump-out approval at Lowell St
Amory St – sidewalk work
Pole relocation along the park on Fulkerson St – work order # assigned – will come to Construction on July 24th – then it can be scheduled.

Chapter 90 – Contract 18 (D’Allessandro)
Putnam Ave & Kinnaird St - sidewalks opposite the school and bump-outs
Paving end of September
Kinnaird @ Jay – sewer repair
Hayes St – sewer services

Remedial Contract (Mattuchio)
64 Dana St – catch basin
428 Franklin St
Mass Ave @ Martin St

TV & Cleaning Contract (Rapid Flow)
Windsor St
Washington St
Huron Ave
Royal Ave
Baystate Rd

Misc. Sidewalk Contract (Deroma)
Albany St
Linnaean St @ Avon

Misc. Patch Contract
No work until September 8th

MLK School
Putnam Ave & Magee St – curb and sidewalk work
Lift on Putnam Ave and deliveries

Longfellow Bridge Project
Tuesday closure 3:00 am – 5:00 am

Main Street – Kendall Sq. (Newport)
Raised crosswalk and sidewalk brick work
Irrigation; soils; electrical conduit

Grand Junction Project (Mattuchio)
August 31st start date

Cambridge Common Project (Newport)
Working on granite at monument; tie-in walkways; brick work and path paving

Harvard Sq./Waverly Path (Newport)
Mt Auburn St – brick sidewalk work
Portland Loo – coordinating structures and deliveries
Eversource Electric – vault on Mt Auburn St (Dunster – JFK) waiting on hood – need delivery date
Eversource Electric/CED – light poles removed and installed
Paving – Sept/Oct
Waverly Path – irrigation; remove dead trees and replace

Route 2/Route 16 (Newport)
Road widening
Clearing & grubbing
Curb work
Project completion date: ????

Hurley Street Park (JNJ Sacca)
Work on site

Elm/Hampshire Street Park (JNJ Sacca)
September 12th – opening date?

Haggerty School
Work on site

City Departments 

Cambridge Water Department
Mass Ave @ Hudson & Mass Ave @ Martin – tie-in this week (1-2 weeks)
Dudley St

Cambridge Electrical Department
Mt Auburn St – waiting for cut-off from Eversource to light poles to remove them.

Cambridge Traffic Department
Pavement markings (crosswalks) – Monday – Wednesday night work
Coordination with Traffic Dept. on all pavement markings at least 1 week in advance
Contact:  Jeff Parenti at jparenti@cambridgema.gov or 617.349.4715
              David Soares at dsoares@cambridgema.gov or 617.349.4713


University Projects

JFK School – deliveries
Dunster House – substantially complete
Winthrop/Lowell/Adams – demo
Smith Center – Dunster St – portion of the sidewalk is occupied; installing scaffolding
Prescott St – steam repair (Bond Bros) repair in sidewalk

Façade repairs – Amherst @ Wadsworth, Ames @ Amherst, Memorial Dr (2 locations); Albany @ Cross St
Nano Project – water work off Vassar St
30 Memorial Dr. – striping
Bexley Hall (50 Mass Ave) – demo
Vassar Street Steam – working this week; alternating traffic
44 Charlton St – Sept. 18th demo start date; abatement on-going this week

Utility Companies 

Eversource Gas (Kieran O’Flaherty or Richard Dell’Isola)
Amory St – services
Holden St – services & tie-in
Second St – services & tie-in’s

Eversource Electric (Bill Zamparelli 617.369.5532)
First @ Rogers
129 Franklin St
Lexington @ Brattle
49 Amherst St
112 Mt Auburn St
Mass Ave @ Washburn – manhole/conduit
Portland Loo – service connection
Donnell St – shielding needs to be done

Comcast (Anthony Vatalaro)
Huron Ave (Larch – Gurney) – 5 manholes to be removed
700 Tech Sq. - trench on Washington and Portland

Verizon (Matthew King 781.376.8172)
Huron B
620 Memorial Dr.
20 Little River
720 Memorial Dr.
320 Mt Auburn St

Main St @ Portland St – back filling this week
Grand Junction – work completed on Saturday

Crown Castle
Windsor St (Main to State)

Private Development Projects 

75/125 Binney Street
No work

270 Third Street
Third St – block 1 lane of traffic northbound Monday, Tuesday and Saturday

50/60 Binney Street
Binney lane closure – concrete placement; tower crane next week

100 Binney Street (Moriarty)
Trucking off Linskey Way

Biogen Steam-Sixth Street @ Binney Street
Sept 11th – completion date

7 Temple Street

240 Sidney Street
Water tie-in on Putnam Ave - complete

610 Main Street
Crane in Portland St Tuesday & Wednesday – need TMP – need tree protection on trees behind fence

180 Windsor Street (CHA)
Conduit work on Washington St

181 Mass Ave
Osbourne – full depth
Windsor St Closure (Front – State)

300 Mass Ave
Tree protection needed
Sidewalk work on Mass Ave
Conduit work – Green St

131 Harvard Street
No work

112/114 Mt Auburn Street
Sidewalk work

1868 Mass Ave
Sidewalk closed on Upland Rd
All work on-site

1924 Mass Ave (Porter Hotel)
Not Present
Sidewalk closed on Porter Rd

1971 Mass Ave
Water main crossing Mass Ave & Allen St – day and night work this week
2 water shutdowns

64 Magee Street (Putnam Gardens)
Putnam Ave – water leak repair

Special Events 

Sunday, September 13th – Caribbean Festival Parade route: Blackstone St, River St, Mass Ave to Ames St

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