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Cambridge Common

October 5, 2015 

REMINDER:  As of Monday, September 21st all new permits will need to be submitted online at: permits.cambridgema.gov/CAPSite/Public/Main.  You will need to “register” first if you have not done so before.  Click here for a complete set of instructions (pdf) on how to use the new permit system.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Permit Desk at 617-349-4833 or Rob Linke at rlinke@cambridgema.gov. Please wait for email with approved permit before starting work.

1. Top course paving must be complete by October 31st – 1 month left!  Eversource Electric is asking for a 2-3 week notice and Eversource Gas a 4 week notice, Verizon a 4 week notice in advance of any paving to raise castings.
2. Pave trenches weekly
3. Notify utility companies when you are grinding and paving
4. Spray paint (in pink) all castings the sides and the tops

Traffic & Parking Permits – keep in mind that permits from the Traffic Department require 7 days for processing.
Sidewalk obstruction permits are for sidewalk obstructions not for contractors to post “No Parking” signs for parking vehicles.
No Parking signs – all contractors are to use the “No Parking” signs issued by DPW. Please do not use handmade signs. Signs can be picked up at the DPW office at the permit desk.
Private Property – no contractors are allowed on private property using resident’s water. If you need water onsite please contact the Water Department for a Hydrant Use Permit and meter.
Police Details: please let Jim Wilcox (jwilcox@cambridgema.gov/617.349.6426) know by 12:00 noon on Thursdays if you are requesting a priority detail for the following week. If you are requesting a priority detail you are still responsible for calling the detail into the office (617.349.3350). Please call all details into the office by 11:00 am on Fridays. Noise variances are required for all work after 6:00 pm and permits from the police department for Sunday work.
Noise Control: refer to Chapter 8.16 of the Cambridge Municipal Code available at www.cambridgema.gov  For work hours allowed refer to Chapter 8.16.080, Section F.

Properly functioning gate boxes / shut-off valves are a significant safety and liability issue for all of us. Damaging utility infrastructure, including gas valves, is a violation of Dig Safe Regulations and subject to a $1,000 to $10,000 fine per incident. Announcing paving operations at Monday morning construction meetings is important, but is not sufficient. Contractors must email Eversource Gas and Electric prior to paving and work with them to coordinate adjustments of valves and structures.
Eversource Gas
Construction Contractors must provide Eversource Gas one-month written / email notice of all planned paving to: 
    • test for gas leaks and allow sufficient time to make the required repairs prior to paving. 
    • allow for the timely regulation/adjustment of all gate boxes, shut-off valves & castings.
Please e-mail : Kieran.OFlaherty@eversource.com and William.Zamparelli@eversource.com

Paving Operations 
    • Valves must be accessible and visible at all times. 
    • Paving over a gate box / shut-off valve is a serious safety hazard and under no case, can a contractor bury gate boxes / shut-off valves under paving. 
    • Contractors must notify Eversource if any gate boxes / shut-off valves were damaged during grinding or full depth construction. 
    • Eversource will raise the gate boxes / shut-off valves prior to each phase of paving. Contractors can make the final 1” to 2” adjustment to match the final grading.

Eversource Electric
Construction Contractors must provide Eversource Electric two-week written / email notice of all planned paving to: 
    • allow for the timely regulation/adjustment of all castings. 
    • if reclaiming roadways (deep grind & overlay top surface), please advise so vault tops and subsurface castings may be protected.
Please e-mail: John.Manning@eversource.com  and William.Zamparelli@eversource.com 

Huron A Project (Gioioso)
Plantings project wide
Sidewalks repairs – finishing this week
Lakeview @ Vassal – paving to be scheduled
Eversource Elec. – 2 poles need to be removed
Lexington Ave @ Worthington
Lakeview Ave @ Worthington

Huron B Project (Barletta)
Vassal Lane – prepping for paving (Alpine – Reservoir & Fayerweather-Saville) – Thursday/Friday
Working project wide on – hoods and inverts
Illicit surveys on-going
*** Must pave trenches by the end of the day Friday

Concord Ave Project (Gioioso)
Hazel St - drain
Fayerweather St - sidewalks
Concord Ave (Huron-Walden) – base paving Friday (weather permitting)

New Street & Concord Lane (Barletta)
Invert cleaning
Concord Lane - manhole
New Street – Eversource Elec. pole issue

Western Ave Project (D’Allessandro)
Green @ Putnam Ave – parking lot
Mass Ave @ Western Ave – mill/paving 10/18?

Binney Street Project (Gilbane/Derenzo)
Traffic light turnover Wednesday
Rogers St – striping 10/20

Chapter 90 – Contract 16 (Marchese)
Spring @ Second St – sidewalk work
Thorndike @ Second
Second St @ Charles St – raised intersection, meeting this week

Chapter 90 – Contract 17 (D’Allessandro)
Amory St – sidewalk work, not paving this year
Sherman St – water main work, sidewalk work/paving spring 2016
Pavement markings – Thorndike and Mead St – this week

Chapter 90 – Contract 18 (D’Allessandro)
Kinnaird St – gas company needs to complete their work
Magee St – sidewalk work
Milling Putnam, Magee, and Kinnaird – 10/8-9, paving the following week

Remedial Contract (Mattuchio)
Temple @ Bishop Allen Dr.

TV & Cleaning Contract (Rapid Flow)
181 Mass Ave

Misc. Sidewalk Contract (Deroma)
Third St @ Gore St
Temple @ Bishop Allen Dr.
Quincy @ Broadway

Misc. Patch Contract
No work till October 19th

MLK School
Putnam Ave – sidewalk work – lane closure Wednesday/Thursday

Longfellow Bridge Project

Main Street – Kendall Sq. (Newport)
Sidewalk work in front of #400 Main and Microsoft; light pole installation
Switch traffic end of week

Grand Junction Project (Mattuchio)
Main St @ Broadway – sidewalk work and ramps
Upcoming Kendall Sq event??

Cambridge Common Project (Newport)
Paving paths near Garden St & Washington Elm
Cobblestone work
Repairs to islands??

Harvard Sq./Waverly Path (Newport)
MT Auburn St – repair to vault in sidewalk; bus stop relocate-waiting on MBTA approval
Waverly Path – plantings, seeding
Portland Loo – waiting on structures

Route 2/Route 16 (Newport)

Memorial Drive (Newport)
Mobilizing Monday; drainage work for 1 month near BU Bridge; followed by conduit work

Haggerty School
Installing structures

Cambridge Water Department
Hudson St – services
Trowbridge St (Trowbridge Place – Harvard St) - services
678 Mass Ave – no schedule yet

Cambridge Electrical Department

Cambridge Traffic Department
Line painting at night

Coordination with Traffic Dept. on all pavement markings at least 1 week in advance
Contact: Jeff Parenti at jparenti@cambridgema.gov or 617.349.4715
David Soares at dsoares@cambridgema.gov or 617.349.4713

Kennedy School – Eliot St gas work
Smith Campus Center – Saturday crane for deliveries
Putnam House – water connection for 69 Brattle St on 10/13

Façade repairs – State St, Brookline St @ Waverly, Vassar St
Nano Project – no work
Vassar Street Steam – trench work
8 Carlton St – demo starts this week
Albany St - crane

Eversource Gas (Kieran O’Flaherty or Richard Dell’Isola)


Eversource Electric (Bill Zamparelli 617.369.5532)
114 Mt Auburn St
610 Main St
67 Mt Auburn St – vault work on sidewalk – need outage
Fifth St 2 Gore St
Education Way
Second St @ Rogers St – outage – not scheduled
Lexington @ Worthington – outage needed – not scheduled
Second St @ Rogers St – extensive outage; permit not written yet for wire transfers-not scheduled

Comcast (Anthony Vatalaro)
12 Bow St
Portland @ Washington (700 Tech Square test pits)
Donnell @ Walden

Verizon (Matthew King 781.376.8172)
Huron, Appleton, Hawthorne Park
Binney St
24 JFK St
1 Alewife Center

No work this week
Level 3 work at Third St -complete

Crown Castle (Peter Szczepanik 781-626-0351)
Broadway @ Highland
Broadway @ Ellery
Cambridge St @ Max Ave
Sixth St @ Cambridge St
Bristol St @ Hampshire St

75/125 Binney Street
Sidewalk cleaning

50/60 Binney Street
Binney St – right lane closure till end of month
Linskey – remains closed
First St – closed (Binney – Linskey)
Tower crane take down Wednesday - Friday
Sewer tie-in this week? waiting on permits

100 Binney Street (Moriarty)
Linskey Way – Lane closure

Biogen Steam-Sixth Street @ Binney Street
East bound – binder and manhole repair
West bound – steam line across Sixth St
Complete by the end of October

7 Temple Street
Temple St – curb work; sidewalk work

240 Sidney Street

610 Main Street
No work this week

180 Windsor Street (CHA)
Washington St – sewer and drain tie-in’s

181 Mass Ave
Osbourne St – storm drain work
Mass Ave – storm drain work end of week

300 Mass Ave
Blanche St – resurface
Green St – sidewalk replacements, 10/13 milling

131 Harvard Street

367 Harvard Street
Water, drain and sprinkler connections
Mill/overlay spring 2016

112/114 Mt Auburn Street
Paving – TBD; coordination with MBTA – night work

149 Sherman Street
Water and sewer connections

1868 Mass Ave
Sidewalk closed for 4 weeks on Upland Rd

1924 Mass Ave (Porter Hotel)
Porter Rd paving – TBD – waiting on Eversource to complete work

1971 Mass Ave
Testing lines this week

165 Cambridge Park Drive
Milling 10/13 and paving 10/23

140 Cambridge Park Drive
No work – trucking
Waiting on Eversource connection

Discovery Park Hotel

Sunday, October 11th – Octoberfest – Harvard Sq. (rain date Monday, October 12th)

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