Approved Operators

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Commercial operators (any entity or organization that employs 2 or more employees, excluding municipal operators and contractors) are prohibited from use of leaf blower equipment unless they submit an operations plan, which is approved by the City Manager. Below is a list of companies with approved Operation Plans for 2015.

AquaTerra Designs, Inc.
All Gardens, Inc.
Cambridge Landscape Co.
Capizzi & Co., Inc.
Cosco Landscape LLC
D. Schumacher Landscaping
Fairview Landscaping, Inc.
Gallup Landscape Co., Inc.
Garrick-Santo Landscape Co.
Greenscape Land Design, Inc.
H.V. Landscape Design Co.
Harvard University-President and Fellows of Harvard College
InDwell Inc. dba FoxGloves Landscape Gardening & Design 
J.A. Crowdle Corp.
JM Horticulture, Inc.
Jean Brooks Landscapes
Jon Kerble Landscaping
Landscape Collaborative of New England, Inc.
Marco Landscaping Inc.
Mazmanian Landscaping
Michael Hanlon, Jr. Landscape Gardening & Design
Nicolazzo & Sons Landscape LLC
P & C Landscape Contractors Inc.
Parterre Garden Services, Inc.
Pemberton Garden Services, Inc.
Phil Mastroianni Corp.
Restoration Property Management LLC
S & R Landscaping, Inc.
San Marino Landscaping
Tibbetts Landscaping, Inc.
Tom's Landscaping
UGL-Unicco Lesley University
Venuto Landscaping, Inc.

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