Approved Operators

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Commercial operators (any entity or organization that employs 2 or more employees, excluding municipal operators and contractors) are prohibited from use of leaf blower equipment unless they submit an operations plan, which is approved by the City Manager. Below is a list of companies with approved Operation Plans for 2016.

All Gardens
Amen Landscape Company
AquaTerra Design
Black Diamond Landscaping
Cambridge Landscaping Company
Capizzi and Company
Cosco Landscaping
D. Muzziolo Associates
D. Schumacher Landscaping
Eaton Horticultural
First Cambridge Realty Trust
Foxgloves Landscape Gardening and Design
Gallup Landscaping
Garrick Santo Landscaping
Garzona Landscaping
Gold Star Trucking
Greenscape Land Design
Harvard University
Horgan Enterprise
H.V. Landscape Design
J.A. Crowdle
J.C. Landscaping Company
J.M. Horticulture
Jean Brooks Landscapes
John's Landscape
Jon Kerble Landscaping
Kosko Landscaping
Landscape Collaborative
Lesley University
Logee Urban Landscape
MacDougall and Sons Landscaping
Marco Vazquez Landscaping
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mauricio & C Services
Mazmanian Landscaping
Michael Hanlon Landscaping and Gardening Design
Nicolazzo and Sons Landscape
Parterre Garden Services
P & C Landscape Contractors
Phil Mastroianni Corporation
Pemberton Garden Services
Property Resource Group
R & S Landscape
San Marino Landscaping
S & R Landscaping
Talbot's Creative Gardening
Tom’s Landscaping
Venuto Landscaping

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