Commercial Compost Collection

More and more businesses are realizing that composting is cost effective and earth-friendly. Control your disposal costs by removing the heavy stuff from the trash. By participating, your business will help preserve landfill space and reduce climate change by avoiding methane emissions from organic decay in landfills. The compostable materials are turned into nutrient rich soil that helps grow fresh food.

The City received a MassDEP grant in 2006 to work Save That Stuff, to offer food waste recycling services to Cambridge businesses at a price that is typically the same or less than trash disposal costs. See the brochure or training poster.  Participants include universities, supermarkets, hotels, cafeterias (hospitals & assisted living homes), restaurants, bars, florists, and coffee shops. For more info on this project see the Final Report, AttachmentsBiocycle Article, Interim Report and Presentation.

Composting is easy—it rarely poses a space problem and it can save businesses money. Any business that generates compostable material can participate. Your hauler can provide secure, leak-proof covered carts, multilingual posters and training. Pickup service is generally available six days per week. The hauler can work with you to develop a pickup schedule that minimizes the amount of time the organic materials are stored at your location.


  • Food scraps: kitchen trimmings, plate scrapings, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, meat, bones, fish dairy products & baked goods
  • Food soiled paper: paper cups and paper plates, placemats, milk cartons, waxed cardboard boxes and saw dust
  • Plants: yard trimmings and floral clippings

No glass, no plastic, no styrofoam, no metal, no liquids, no grease, and no other items that cannot biodegrade.

Support the Cambridge businesses, institutions, schools and city buildings that are composting!
(A-Z, continually updated)

  1. 1369 Coffeehouse
  2. Abt Associates
  3. Agassiz Baldwin Community
  4. Atwoods
  5. Basta Pasta Trattoria
  6. Blue Room
  7. BoLoco
  8. Boston Tea Stop
  9. Bukowski's Tavern
  10. Cambridge Brewing Company
  11. Cambridge Common
  12. Cambridge Community Center
  13. Cambridge Hospital
  14. Cellars Wine
  15. Center for Effective Philanthropy
  16. Central Square Florist
  17. Charles Hotel
  18. Charlie's Kitchen
  19. Chez Henri
  20. Christopher's
  21. Church - Hope Fellowship
  22. City Building - Citywide Senior Center
  23. Clover Fast Food
  24. Craigie on Main
  25. Crema Cafe
  26. Crimson Galleria
  27. Dunkin Donuts (JFK St)
  28. EF Education First
  29. Fishmonger
  30. Formaggio Kitchen
  31. Four Burgers
  32. Friendly Toast
  33. Genzyme
  34. Grendel's Den
  35. Harding House
  36. Harvard University
  37. Harvest Co-op Market
  38. Hong Kong Restaurant
  39. Hungry Mother Restaurant
  40. International School of Boston
  41. Irving House at Harvard
  42. Jose's Mexican Restaurant
  43. Lesley University
  44. Life Alive
  45. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  46. Live Nation
  47. MIT
  48. Museum of Science
  49. Oleana Restaurant
  50. Ole Mexican Grill
  51. Pfizer
  52. Portugalia Restaurant
  53. Public School - Amigos
  54. Public School - Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School
  55. Public School - Cambridgeport
  56. Public School - Graham & Parks
  57. Public School - King Open/Cambridge Street Upper School
  58. Public School - Peabody/Rindge Avenue Upper School 
  59. Public School - Tobin/Vassal Lane Upper School
  60. Private School - Shady Hill
  61. Redline
  62. Rendevous in Central Square
  63. Schlumberger Tech Corp
  64. Season to Taste Catering
  65. Shaw's Market (Sidney St)
  66. Sheraton Commander
  67. Shire
  68. Sofra Bakery
  69. Spaulding Hospital Cambridge (Youville)
  70. Stonehearth Pizza
  71. Union of Concerned Scientists
  72. Veggie Planet
  73. West Side Lounge
  74. Whole Foods (Fresh Pond)
  75. Whole Foods (Prospect St)
  76. Whole Foods (River St)
  77. Za Pizza and Salad
  78. Zing Pizza

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