Recycling Collection

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Recycling Procedures 
Click here for what can be recycled, proper procedures and the collection schedule. We also recommend completing the Recycling Checklist for Schools.

Weekly Reporting 
Custodians send recycling worksheets to Public Works every week to report the amount recycled and to ensure the school receives credit for its efforts. Review these numbers for the schools.  

Technical Assistance 
Contact Public Works at 617.349.4836 to request a presentation, or to review your set-up and recycling procedures. A fresh perspective can be very helpful. 

Lunchroom Composting 
Congratulations to these composting schools: King Open & Cambridge Street Upper School, Graham & Parks, Peabody & Rindge Avenue Upper School, Cambridgeport, Tobin & Vassal Lane Upper School, Amigos School, Haggerty School, CRLS & the Culinary School, Kennedy-Longfellow & Putnam Avenue Upper School, and Fletcher Maynard Academy.

Interested in bringing composting to your school? Please read Lunchroom Composting in Five Easy Steps and the Step By Step Guide to Lunchroom Composting to understand the commitment and steps required for a successful program. Public Works will develop a prioritized schedule to launch programs based on correspondence with principals.

Some Compost Program Materials:
Our Lunchroom Set Up Poster
Lunchroom Set Up Details and Tips for Students
The Sorting Game
Compost FAQ Poster
Compost Logo Poster
Compost Banner
Compost Classroom Poster
Compost Table Tent
Compost Monitor Medallion
Compost Letter to Parents and Teachers

Student Fact Sheets for Teachers:
Composting with the FBI
The Dirt on Composting (and Compost FBI Graphic)
What are Natural Resources?
How Does Your Garden Grow?
What is Global Warming?

Lesson Plans and Materials from The Green Team Web Site:
Slash Trash Lesson
Slash Trash Report Template
Compost Lesson Plan
Compost Food Web Poster
Steps to Composting Image of Compost Pile


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