Large Items

Some appliances/large or bulky items require a permit for disposal:
Residents must purchase permits from Public Works in advance to schedule pickup of the items listed below, one permit per item. The cost of each permit is $25, or $20 for senior citizens (62+). Most items are scheduled for Wednesdays and large TVs/monitors/printers are scheduled for Thursdays. Place items close to curb edge with permit facing street. No commercial or industrial items.  Metal items listed as free have to be scheduled for pickup, please call 617.349.4800 to do so. 

Residents can purchase a permit by one of the following methods:
 Submitting the online Appliance/Large item disposal permit application.   (if you experience difficulty with the online permit see the Troubleshooting Tips page)          

  2.  In person at 147 Hampshire Street during business hours (Monday: 8:30am-8pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30am-5pm, or Friday: 8:30am-12noon). Payments in person can be made by check, money order, cash or credit card.    

Mailing a check or money order made payable to the ‘City of Cambridge’ to: Department of Public Works, 147 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139. Please list the item(s) to be picked up; each item requires a permit. The permit(s) will be mailed or emailed back with a scheduled pick up date.

An Appliance/ Large item Permit is required for:

  • Air Conditioners*
  • Clothes Washers & Dryers
  • Copiers & Printers (More than 40 lbs)
  • Dehumidifiers*
  • Dishwashers
  • Exercise Equipment (small) & Bicycles (free, call ahead to schedule pick-up)
  • Larger Exercise equipment (motorized)
  • Lawnmowers (free, call ahead to schedule pick-up, must remove gas)
  • Metal Filing Cabinets & Desks (free, call ahead to schedule pick-up)
  • Radiators (free, call ahead to schedule pick-up)
  • Refrigerators* & Freezers* (must remove doors, non-commercial)
  • Snow Blowers (free, call ahead to schedule pick-up, must remove gas)
  • Stoves
  • TVs & Computer Monitors (Over 20" diagonal screen length)
  • Trash Compactors
  • Water Coolers & Heaters  

No Permit is required for:

  • Carpet or lumber (residential only, up to 3 tied bundles, 3' x 3' x 1') 
  • Electronics (microwaves, stereos, box fans, small printer or fax machine)
  • Furniture (couches, mattresses, box springs, tables). Note that beginning September 2014, the Coalition for the Homeless will schedule free pickups of furniture in good condition from your home in Cambridge for the last Friday and the first Monday of every month, except holidays. Residents are allowed to put one piece of furniture out per week on trash day.
  • Toilet or Sink (one per household on collection day)
  • Small TVs & computer monitors (20” or less diagonal screen length). Place small TVs / monitors close to curb edge by 7am on your regular collection day.
  • You may include the hard drive, keyboard, mouse and small printer or fax machine.

Please click for more information on how to get rid of Construction Debris.
The City encourages you to trash less and recycle more. See Get Rid of it Right!

*Freon (chlorofluorocarbons) is removed from air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers, and refrigerators in order to meet the Clean Air Act. All appliances are then sent to a local scrap metal recycling facility.

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