Yard Waste

Proper yard waste setout

Yard waste collection begins April 2, 2018 and continues through December 14, 2018. Set yard waste out by 7am on your regular collection day, or after 6pm the night before. If your yard waste was not picked up and is properly prepared, report by 12 noon the day following collection via Commonwealth Connect or call 617.349.4800. Remember that collection is delayed one day following a holiday.

Yard waste is not accepted in plastic bags. Place yard waste in barrels marked with City-issued stickers facing the street, or in lawn refuse bags sold in most hardware stores. Barrels and bags must be set on the curb apart from the trash. Do not staple or tape bags. Barrels should not exceed 32-gallons and should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Bundle small twigs and branches with string. Certain plants are invasive and should go not go in yard waste. More details below.

Remember, if you hire a contractor they are responsible for removing yard waste.

Looking for YARD WASTE stickers? Email to request stickers (include the quantity and your address), or call DPW at 617.349.4800.

Accepted Materials
Yard waste is banned from landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts and is composted locally.

  • Leaves
  • Grass
  • Plants
  • Shrub Prunings & Twigs (no more than 1 inch in diameter and 3 feet in length)
  • Pumpkins
  • Thick Limbs (3 tied bundles per week, no more than 3 feet in length and diameter)

Unaccepted Materials

  • No Trash
  • No Food
  • No Soil, Dirt, Sand, Rocks or Tree Stumps (call a private hauler)
  • No Certain Invasive Plants: Certain invasive plants should be trashed, according to a special directive from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Do not put in compost or yard waste. Plants that can be disposed include: Kudzu, Black Swallow-Wort, Japanese Knotweed, Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard, Oriental Bittersweet. Dispose of the entire plant. If you have a trash bag(s) of invasive plants, contact DPW in advance (617.349.4800) to help ensure the trash staff remove it. Did you know Cambridge has a "Pod Patrol" to help control Black Swallow-Wort?

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