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Find out how to recycle, donate or dispose of just about anything. Look for tips to reduce waste too! Click here for a map of places to donate clothing, furniture and other household goods. Click here for a Google map of retailers that take back products and packaging for recycling, composting and reuse. Also, there are many websites where you can share, borrow, rent, buy, and sell stuff with others including Craig's List, FreeCycle, Nextdoor, NeighborGoods, Getable, Lending Luxury, and Zilok. Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter here.

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  • Appliances

    ACs, Washers, Dryers, Copiers & Printers, Dehumidifiers, Dishwashers, Exercise Equipment, Lawnmowers, Filing Cabinets, Desks, Radiators, Fridges & Freezers, Snow Blowers, Stoves, TVs & Computer Monitors, Trash Compactors, Water Coolers & Heaters

  • Automotive

    Vehicles, Car Batteries, Car Glass, Engines, Motors & Car Parts

  • Containers (Glass, Metal and Plastic)

    Cans, Trays & Foil, Bottles & Jars, Cartons & Juice Boxes, Large Plastics

  • Construction Debris

    Asbestos, Building Materials, Cabinets, Carpet, Concrete, Dirt, Lumber, Sinks, Toilets, Tree Stumps

  • Clothing and Footwear

    All Textiles including Clothing, Undergarments & Socks, Shoes, Suits, Ties, Belts, Purses, Hats, Linens, Bedding, Pillows, Curtains, Stuffed Animals, Fabric Scraps

  • Electronics

    All Plug-In ior Battery Devices Including Computers & TVs, Hard Drive, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Cell Phones, Phones, eReaders, Cords, String Lights, as well as Media including CDs, DVDs, VCR Tapes, Video Games and Floppy Disks

  • Food and Cooking Oil

    Vegetable & Fruit Scraps, Coffee Grounds, Meat & Bones, Dairy, Cereal, Seafood, Eggshells, Nutshells, Baked Goods, Spoiled Food, Used Napkins, Paper Towels, Coffee Filters & Tea Bags. Other Compostables Certified by the US Composting Council

  • Furniture and Household Goods

    Bedroom, Living & Dining Room Furniture, CDs, DVDs & Floppy Disks, Glassware & Ceramics, Toiletries

  • Glass

    Bottles & Jars, Broken Glass, Broken Windows, Drinking Glasses, Eyeglasses, Light Bulbs

  • Household Hazardous Waste

    The City of Cambridge will hold four (4) Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Days in 2017. Cambridge residents only. You must bring proof of residency.

  • Metal

    Antennas; Aluminum Siding; Bed Frames; Bicycles & Tires; Chain Link Fence; Curtain Rods & Clothes Hangers; Fans; Grills; Gutters; Ladders; Screws & Nails; Railings; Paint Cans; Lawn Furniture & Swing Sets; Pipes & Plumbing; Pots, Pans & Silverware; Screen Doors; Shelves; Sinks; Trash Cans; Venetian Blinds; Wheelbarrows; Window Sash Weights & Screens

  • Paper & Cardboard

    Cardboard, Books, Coffee Cups, Frozen Food Boxes, Newspapers, Magazines & Catalogs, Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes, Paper Bags, Paperboard, Phone Books & Junk Mail, Pizza Boxes, Shredded Paper, White & Colored Paper

  • Packaging

    Aseptic Containers, Chip Bags, Packing Peanuts, Blister Packaging, Styrofoam, Plastic Bags

  • Plastics

    Bottles & Containers, Blister Packaging, Buckets, media (CDs, DVDs, Video Games), Plastic Bags

  • Yard and Garden

    Yard Waste (Leaves, Grass, Plants, Shrub Prunings & Twigs, Pumpkins, Thick Limbs); Dirt or Soil; Chemicals, Paints, or Tires

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