Curbside Compost Info for Participating Households

Participation in the City's pilot program for curbside compost pickup is voluntary. All households in eligible buildings that are approved to participate will need to complete the "I'm Interested" form first, and then after the City confirms your eligibility, we will then ask that you complete the acknowledgement form

Participating households will get a green kitchen scrap container, year supply of compostable bags for the kitchen container, and free weekly collection on your regular pickup day. Accepted materials include all food scraps and soiled paper. Place materials in kitchen scrap container lined with a compostable bag. Tie full bags and place in the green curbside bin (no twist ties).

Since food scraps creates heat and moisture, your kitchen bucket is ventilated on the sides, top and bottom. The BioBags breathe naturally, allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This process allows food scraps to dry, thus slowing the “rotting process”, which causes odor. Food scraps placed in closed containers like a solid plastic or ceramic pail can build up bacterial odor quickly and end up causing odor. You can place the kitchen bucket on your counter, use the hinges to hang it inside the cabinet door under your kitchen sink, or in the fridge or freezer to slow the rotting process even more. Norseman green bin

Your residential building will get a green curbside bin, which will be shared if a multi-family building. Different sizes available. City crews will collect the material in an orange DPW truck and take it to Rocky Hill Farm in Saugus. Other compost sites may be used too.

The City will ask participating households to also complete several surveys during the pilot. Similar to when curbside recycling first began, this program will be limited to building with 12 units or less so that we can develop best practices in a multi-family setting.

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