Compost Pilot Sign-up Form

Thank you for your interest in the Cambridge Curbside Compost Pilot that began in April 2014 and will continue through March 2015. Eligible residences must live in the pilot area (click map for a larger image), receive City trash service, and be a single family home or multi-family building with up to 12 units. Participation is free and voluntary. So far, participating households are reducing their trash by about 30% by composting and reducing food waste.

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Contact Information

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Limited address ranges for: Raymond St., Rindge Ave., Sherman St., Upland Rd., and Walden Street.
Please enter only the 10 digit telephone number.
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Demographic Information
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Free and Voluntary
The pilot is free and voluntary.
Program timeframe
The pilot will run until March 30, 2015.
Acceptable materials
I understand these are acceptable items: Food Scraps: all vegetables & fruit scraps, meat scraps & bones, dairy products, seafood & shells, eggshells & nutshells, breads, cereal & pasta, cookies & candy, coffee grounds, even spoiled foods. Soiled Paper: used napkins, paper towels, paper bags, coffee filters, and tea bags. See the complete list at
Unacceptable items
If these materials are in my bin, the contents will be rejected.No grease or liquids, no diapers or baby wipes, no pet or human waste, no cigarette butts, no dryer lint or dryer sheets, no plastic bags, no rigid plastic, no metal & foil, no glass, no expanded polystyrene (styrofoam), no plastic coated paper products (i.e. milk/juice cartons) See the complete list at
Complete this form
By signing up my household, I am not signing up the rest of my building. To participate they need to complete this form.
I may be put on a waitlist and informed when space is available.
Outdoor green bins
If approved, my building will get an outdoor green bin that is shared in multifamily buildings.
Green bin requirements
The outdoor green bin is only for food scraps in compostable bags and soiled paper. No loose food scraps.
Informational emails & surveys
I will get regular informational emails and surveys about the program.
Questions or concerns
I can contact or visit
Encourage participation
I will talk to my building neighbors and encourage them to participate in the program.
Support program
I am interested in volunteering. Please contact me with opportunities to support the program.

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