Feasibility Study

 As part of a MassDEP grant, during the summer of 2012, DPW completed a feasibility study regarding a possible pilot program for curbside food scraps collection from residents for composting. The study included analysis of 1) potential compost facilities within reasonable proximity to the City and acceptable material requirements, which could take food scraps and, possibly, food included with yard waste. Some facilities are already accepting food, some are now seeking to add food to their operation with the new regulations, and some are pursuing development of a new facility; 2) collection costs and tip fees at potential facilities; and 3) whether a pilot program would be feasible for citywide expansion.

Curbside Organics Collection from Residents - Phase 1 (Full Report, 54 pages and Executive Summary, 3 pages)

MassDEP has established significant goals to reduce trash, and the City of Cambridge has adopted them: Reduce tons disposed by 30% by 2020 from 2008 levels, and by 80% by 2050. Separating food scraps for composting will contribute to a reduction of trash. New regulations issued by MassDEP in November 2012 make it easier for existing compost facilities to add food to yard waste operations, and the new regulations make it easier for new compost facilities to be developed.

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