Reduce Food Waste


Whatever food you love, you can reduce waste and save money. Here are some great tips:

  • Plan Ahead. Make a shopping list and check your fridge and cupboards before shopping. Don’t let offers tempt you and don’t shop when you are hungry. Buy produce you’ll use. Put old groceries in the front.
  • Make it Last. Store fruits and most veggies in a loosely tied plastic bag in the fridge, and potatoes in a paper bag to maintain quality and delay ripening. Soak droopy greens in cold water for 30 minutes to freshen them up. Freeze sliced bread. Freeze milk before you go away to preserve it. 
  • Right Size It. Serve small amounts, clean your plate, and then decide if you want to take seconds. Batch cook foods to make ready meals.
  • Love your Leftovers. Leftovers make a great lunch or a base for a new meal. Halve recipes or order appetizers at restaurants if you don’t like leftovers. To use up soft fruit and wilting veggies, make smoothies, soups, frittatas, and casseroles.
  • Trust your senses. Sell-by dates are aimed at retailers and leave about a week for consumers to enjoy an item at home. And best-by is less stringent than use-by. 

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