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Public Works offers volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups looking for meaningful ways to contribute to their community. Volunteers provide invaluable support, but they also bring new ideas, energy, and a community perspective to Public Works programs and services.

Why volunteer?
You and our community receive numerous benefits when you volunteer in Cambridge. By volunteering, you can:

-Help build community. -Enhance work and life experiences. -Meet new people, build lasting relationships and have fun!

Can I volunteer?
Whether you are a student, adult, family or community group, we will work with you to find a volunteer opportunity that best suits your interests and skills. Cambridge has many parks and public spaces, and program areas from which to choose to volunteer.

Youth younger than 14 may be able to volunteer with family members. Referrals also can be made to other community agencies that welcome youth volunteers.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities
Public Works offers several opportunities to volunteer. Some examples include:

-Beautification Projects -Landscape Projects -Waste Reduction Outreach -Neighborhood Clean Ups -Adopt a Storm Drain

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Public Works, please visit our online form to get started.

For more information on volunteer opportunities or special events, contact:

Ellen Coppinger
617.349.6949 / ecoppinger@cambridgema.gov

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