Alewife Brook Water Quality Sampling

In 2008 the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) listed the Alewife Brook from the Little River in Belmont to the confluence of the Mystic River in Arlington/Somerville as “Impaired or threatened for one or more uses and requiring a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)”. This listing as an impaired waterway was reviewed and approved by the EPA. The “Pollutants of Concern” specific to the Alewife Brook are listed below. These were developed by DEP from visual inspection and water quality sampling survey data. These guidelines will continue to be updated to reflect evolving Federal and State water quality requirements specific to the TMDL rule.

Alewife Brook “Pollutants of Concern"
    • Metals 
    • Nutrients 
    • Organic enrichment 
    • Pathogens 
    • Oil & Grease 
    • Objectionable sediments (solids)

The water quality sampling undertaken in the Alewife watershed provides the City with additional information relative to pollutants from stormwater runoff from land areas within Cambridge.

2014    April 4: Dry Weather Sampling





2009    March 17, Dry Weather Sampling 
           April 30, Dry Weather Sampling 
           July 16 Dry Weather Sampling/Oil & Grease 
           November 9, Dry Weather Sampling

2008     February 21 Dry Weather Sampling 
            May 7, Dry Weather Sampling/Oil & Grease 
            August 19, Dry Weather Sampling 
            November 5, Dry Weather Sampling

2007     February 7, Dry Weather Sampling 
            April 11, Dry Weather Sampling 
            April 25, Dry Weather Sampling 
            July 26, Dry Weather Sampling 
            July 26, Oil & Grease 
            October 30, Dry Weather Sampling

2006     March 29, Dry Weather Sampling 
            May 8, Dry Weather Sampling 
            May 8, Oil & Grease 
            July 27, Dry Weather Sampling 
            November 7, Dry Weather Sampling

2005     February 8, Dry Weather Sampling 
            June 9, Dry Weather Sampling 
            August 10, Dry Weather Sampling 
            August 10, Oil & Grease 
            December 20, Dry Weather Sampling

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