A Tags for Private Contractors

The City of Cambridge requires that an A-tag marker be installed during the final lift of paving on all temporary and final asphalt patches and temporary sidewalk repairs. For private contractors, the color of the marker will be GREEN. As a private contractor you will not be required to create your own A-tag markers, but you must pick them up from the City when applying for excavation permits. In some cases the City may ask a contractor to create their own A-tags with an unique identifier for a major project or if they are doing a significant amount of work in the City of Cambridge.  Private contractors

The marker will be made of a UV stable polypropylene material, have a flat top measuring 1.5” in diameter and have three anchor legs that have locking steps to prevent the marker from being pulled out or forced out by frost. Please note that these markers are to be used only to identify the responsible party for the pavement patch or sidewalk repair and is not to be used to identify underground structures. See specifications

If you would like more information or have general inquiries about this new program please contact:
Robert Linke, Permit Administrator
Cambridge Department of Public Works
147 Hampshire St, Cambridge MA 02139

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