Crane and Boom Permit Requirements

A crane, boom and pump truck permit is required if you are using a crane, boom truck, boom lift, man lift, lull, scissor lift or pump truck on a City of Cambridge right-of way. See links at bottom of page for permit applications.

Permit requirements:
1. Submit a completed permit application that includes: 
    a) Contractor’s name, address and phone number 
    b) Contact person 
    c) Emergency phone number (24 hour access) 
    d) If applicant is a sub-contractor, name of primary contactor 
    e) Project location 
    f) Requested start and end dates 
    g) Requested hours 
    h) Space requirements (location of obstruction: parking lane, sidewalk, parking lane) and obstruction size 
    i) Crane company name, address and description of equipment (weight, height, and width) 
    j) Sign and date application

2. Submit a detailed traffic management plan that demonstrates the following: 
    a) How the contractor plans to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic safely around the work area 
    b) Demonstrates the use of traffic controls and signs that follow MUTCD specifications 
    c) Reflects the unique location of the specific work area that is listed on the permit application 
    d) Takes into account pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic, cyclists, bus stops, handicap parking, loading zones and reflects ADA/ABB requirements


3. Pay permit fees at time of application
4. The contractor must have a valid $5000.00 surety bond on file at the DPW.
5. The contractor must have on file at the DPW a certificate of insurance that names the City of Cambridge as additionally insured in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $3,000,000.00 in aggregate for personal injuries or property damage caused by the permitted equipment.

Permits will not be reviewed until the above requirements are met.

Please note: Permit hours are from Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm. Work outside these hours, including weekend work, requires special permission. If permission is granted, the contractor will be required to pay overtime costs for inspections.

DOWNLOAD PAPER PERMIT (PDF)                     or                    APPLY ONLINE

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